Global Contracting Operations At Tekedia Institute

Global Contracting Operations At Tekedia Institute

In our hardware business, he is the expert I consult, to manage the maze on global contracting. Because I respect military people, my defaults are their positions. That is natural if you are from Ovim (Abia state) where every clan has soldiers – really good ones.

He served the U.S. Army for more than 20 years. He rose to the position of the Director of Contracting Operations. People, that is more than a title: lives of men and women depend on you as they go out for battle. How do you ensure they have everything they need? Adebayo Adeleke FRSA, FCIPS, PMP is the godzilla of global contracting and zen-master of supply chain.

He teaches global contracting, peacetime and wartime, at Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA. Join us and learn how to win global markets

(If you run a business with operations across continents, and you are dealing with the usual paralyses, connect with Bayo. He made us better)


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