God bless the Igbo Nation. God bless Nigeria

God bless the Igbo Nation. God bless Nigeria

I join the Igbo Nation and Governor Obiano to remember all men and women who died in the Biafra war. I also raise my voice to call Igbo young men to order; there needs to be an alternative to violence and we need to make sure we are not tools to violence, directly and indirectly. No one wins a war if the war is fought in his land! Listen to the voice of wisdom, and find strength from within.

I am extremely saddened by the current events. We can honour our ancestors in peace and live on the promises of Chukwu Abiama, the God of Abraham. Look unto Osebuluwa (the Sustainer of the Universe), your Chineke (the God who creates) and stop the destruction. It is simple logic: provided properties are destroyed, by you or mercenaries, bad things will continue to happen in our communities. This MUST Stop!

Young men, your government is commerce and business. Expect no sympathy from anyone because sympathy in Nigeria is for losers. But I challenge you to leave this madness and do what you do best: find hope in markets.

God bless the Igbo Nation. God bless Nigeria.



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