Googe Brings Kenya Parliament Hansards To The New Age


The only thing Google cannot do is simply to digitize poverty and outsource it to the deep oceans out of Africa. At Tekedia, we think poverty is analog and only a digital solution will help! If not, how do you explain that they have Google Booked The Hansards of the Kenyan Parliament. They just announced that in their official Google Africa blog.


A few months ago, we announced that historical copies of the Kenya Gazette were now searchable and viewable for free on Google Books. Today we are thrilled to announce a new development in our efforts to make useful content more accessible. Over 50 years’ worth of the Kenya National Assembly Hansards, dating back to 1960, are now available on Google Books.

The Hansard is the official verbatim report of the proceedings of the Kenyan Parliament. Not only are the records of great historical value, but they are also a rich research resource, providing insight into, for example, how an issue like majimbo has been addressed through time, or to verify a particular Member of Parliament’s position on an issue.

As with the Kenya Gazette, navigating the Hansards on Google Books is easy. You can search by year of publication, issue, name of MP, or keyword across the entire collection, or within a particular Hansard issue. Try it out now simply by searching [kenya hansards] on Google, Google Books or visiting or

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