A University Don To Deliver a Paper at Embedded Systems MASTERs at Fasmicro Owerri Design Center


On July 18 2011,  Engr. I. OGHOGHO of Landmark University, Nigeria will deliver a paper titled EMBEDDED SYSTEMS DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT AND ACHIEVING VISION20:2020. We invite the general public to attend. The paper will be presented during Fasmicro Embedded Systems MASTERs 2011.  Find below an abstract to the paper.


This paper presents massive investments in human capacity building to enhance the development of the Nigerian indigenous embedded systems technology as a key factor towards achieving Vision20:2020. The goals and objectives of Vision20:2020 as well as necessary steps or actions that have been identified as vital to the achievement of the vision are briefly discussed.


Investment in technology driven Agriculture as well as Hi-tech manufacturing industries to boost the Nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI) stands out among the vital steps identified. Developed and emerging economies in the world were investigated to ascertain the key factor responsible for their growth and development. The research findings show that no nation can develop beyond her technology or experience economic boom on borrowed technology.


Engaging in human capacity building through establishment and funding of research and training centers on embedded systems design and development will provide the platform for indigenous solutions in the form of equipments, machines, tools, products, etc ranging from very simple to complex systems to be developed so as to meet the growing needs of our agricultural, manufacturing and other industrial sectors. An embedded system is a micro-processor based system that is built to control a function or range of functions and is not designed to be used by the user in the same way that a personal computer (PC) is.


Embedded digital technology is present in many equipments and systems, and is used to increase functionality, as well as to improve operation at low cost. They are now found in almost all technical devices, from simple everyday home appliances, to facilities and facility management such as heating, air conditioning, elevators and escalators, in agricultural equipments and in production units from robotics to production automation and control systems, etc.


With appropriate Government policies and the will to stick to the implementation plans, in place, sustenance of achieved development and economic growth resulting from development of embedded system technologies will be guaranteed. Soon we will have Nigerian made digital watches, mp3 players, phones, traffic lights, cable modems, calculators, technology driven farm tools, manufacturing and processing equipments, cars, medical equipments, etc designed, developed and produced by Nigerians for Nigerians and for other countries of the world. This will strengthen and grow our economy by boosting our GDP and GNI at an accelerated pace and vision20:2020 will then be achieved.

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