Mobile App and Tablet Industry Analysis – Nigeria

Editor’s Note: This is adapted from a proposal to a customer. The hard numbers are out.


This is what we think, based on early sales data from the all new Ovim Plus tablet which is doing marvelously well in Nigeria now. If you have not gotten your copy, please do so NOW.


We estimate that smart mobile devices growth rate will quadruple this year in Nigeria. Presently, Blackberry is the most popular smartphone in Nigeria. But with the introduction of Huawei Android IDEOS by Starcomms, we expect more than 300,000 IDEOS units to be sold this year.


IDEOS is the cheapest smartphone in the developing world at $100. It jumped from zero unit in December 2010 to sell 180,000 within six months in Kenya (a small nation to Nigerian size) according to Huawei CEO Herman He.


We expect Nigeria to do better. As Blackberry cuts price to wedge off competition from Android, a lot of growth will take place.  Nokia is also coming with its sub-$100 s’phone. We do not discount Microsoft partnership with Nokia to give an affordable smartphone. So, in the near future, the mobile ecosystem of Nigeria and Africa is very promising.


With the smartphone market running, apps development opens a new level of opportunity. Any firm that goes into the space will tap early technology adopters who now connect to enterprise products and services through mobile apps.


By 2011 end, we expect more than […] smartphone and tablets in use in Nigeria and that includes Nokia Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google Android, Apple iOS, and Java. This means ready customers for your brand.


So having an app today is a good investment for your business development and marketing. Fasmicro is Nigeria’s leader in mobile apps. We are here to offer solutions that meet your needs. Talk to the experts and let us brand you in the mobile ecosystem.


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