Google Plus Vs Facebook- The Possibilities of Google (+) Plus Wining facebook

In this blog, I will point out few potentials Google+ posses to take over the domain of social media network.


Better Friend management

Google’s “Circles” concept is more in line with the way people makes friends in their real life. We have many different kinds of friends, and interact with them and communicate with them in very different ways. So, a different Circle for different friends. This concept is the key for Google Plus which is not abailable I face book.


Better photo tagging

When viewing photos in Google plus you can “tag” the people in them similar to the way you do in Facebook, but there is a big difference in the way Google handles the privacy aspect of photo tagging. When you tag someone, you can see this note “Adding this tag will notify the person you have tagged. They will be able to view the photo and the related album.” Facebook does not make an effort to warn people that they have been tagged.



Integration with Google Services

The biggest advantage of Google+ is its integration with all the Google services. Google will build Google+ social networking features and tools into all of its existing online services from Search to Documents to Video. With this, Google lets you monitor all Google+ events (like updates, messages, etc.) as well as share content with friends without ever leaving the Google services. With this integration, users can think twice to switch for another website for social networking.


Easier to find stuff to share

Google plus sparks feature is another important feature from Facebook. Since, Facebook has no search engine, its users must leave the site to find shareable data or they should wait for their friends to share it with them.

Data back guaranteed

In Facebook, you are forced to make certain parts of your personal data “public” and it is very hard to permanently delete your Facebook profile. Google, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to pick up all the data you have banked at Google plus and walk away. This can be done through a Google plus tool called “Data Liberation.” With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google Plus stream, Buzz and contacts.


Better Mobile App

If you are an Android user, you may find that getting content from your phone to your social platform is easier with the Google plus mobile application. The application is great, but Google will seek more and more ways to make Android phone a seamless with Google+ social platform. 


Hangouts –A better group chat features

Google plus has beat Facebook in the area of chat. With Hangouts you can chat with your group, very easily. Similarly, the new Huddle mobile app makes it easy for mobile (Android) users to start up group text chats. Facebook simply doesn’t offer these tools.


Superior content sharing

Google has a stronger security and Google Plus has that capability. For instance, when users share an article or upload a camera image, Google+ gives choices of which friend circles they would like to share that content with.

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