Google Adwords Vs. Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Are Primitive And Docile, Adwords Are Better

Thank you Google Adwords for bringing business to our web hosting solutions. Since we started a campaign on Adwords, we have noticed appreciable business increase. The reality is that for someone to search something, that person needs it. So Adwords offers a service for someone actively looking for a solution.

Contrast that with Facebook with its stone-aged ads that do nothing. Though users can filter their choices and interests and you want to target those, most of the time, they do not look and when they do, they just ignore those ads. And in occasions they click, they are not indeed clicking to buy because they are not in the mode for that. They are just trying to access what you have got. In Google, you are the one making the efforts and you chance of making purchase is higher.

That someone is posting a picture of his from a party and you start showing some static ads, it does not do much good. So, from our experiences, Facebook ads are not effective. Google Adwords are still the best in the industry because it goes to people that are indeed looking for something with higher chance of making purchase.

Our recommendation is to use Google Adwords unless you are interested in brand recognition, that way Facebook may be better since it comes to people without their efforts and they can see your logo. We doubt if that is what you want though. You need people that will make purchase now and then.

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