Google Nigeria Elections 2011 – Jonathan Has The Buzz

Google now has a portal to track Nigeria Election 2011 in real time. It also has information on the polling stations. Unfortunately,  the number of politicians it is tracking is not much – just a few.

From the stats, Jonathan is badly beating the opponents under the metric Google used.

What do the numbers on the graph mean?

As expected, Google is also providing feeds from news sources in the portal. This is largely not the best Google can do. It is lazily done and the value it is adding is minimal. Hope time will come when Google will invest time and resources in Nigeria. It is even unable to list all the presidential candidates.  I do not know the value Google has created here.  Hiring few economists and students, Google can put more data and statistics in this portal and people will be armed with information to actually make voting decisions. That does not exist in this portal. Next time, Google must do better.

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