Great Online Resources To Acquire Technical Skills

Great Online Resources To Acquire Technical Skills

By Ajayi Joel

Few days ago, an online friend reached out to me that he wanted me to mentor him over the next step to take after school. He had graduated a few years ago. So I simply asked where he worked presently and if he sees himself working there in the next 5 years.

He hurriedly said no, and explained that where he worked gave him no chance for his life. It was stressful, boring, not creative, and doesn’t seem to have a spontaneous promise to financial increase. I quite understand.

I mean I listened with rapt attention, and I weighed everything also, and I figured out that quitting his job was the perfect move. Remember I also gave an advice that if you have a job where after working from 8 am to 6pm, you hardly earn anything of value, it is better to start searching for another and quit as soon as possible.

You obviously cannot continue like this all your life because such cycle is difficult to break from. You also don’t have a chance of being promoted to the position of earning well.

So I had to run through some questions with my friend. “Fine, since you are no longer working, what do you intend doing”?

After some questions, I discovered he had a passion since childhood and I know that profession is actually very lucrative. I mean very lucrative. It is part of the most needed skills in this age.

This profession however can never be learnt via reading. It has to be learnt either one on one or via video courses. One on one learning trumps online learning when it comes to the quality of the interaction. However, most people do not know online learning even exists.

We made some rough thoughts about how much it would cost him to learn in a physical location. Well, I know for sure it would cost him a few hundred dollars. That’s huge, and he wouldn’t want to spend that amount seeing he also needs to maintain himself as a young man.

So I recommended that he takes the course online. UDEMY teaches the same course he would learn offline for $1000 for just $10.

$10 is just N3,600 in Nigeria.

Fine, like I said there are lots of differences between online learning and offline learning.

However, purchasing a course for $10, there is so much you can gain and still have money in the pocket. It is a process. A steady learning process and you get to learn from a professional who has prepared the course.

If you have a course you wish to learn and you need to learn from professionals, online is a place to consider.  Don’t hesitate to make best use of the little fund you have. You can acquire great skills through online learning. The following are good online resources:

  • – broad digital and technical programs
  • – cybersecurity and digital forensics
  • – broad digital and technical programs
  • – management, digital and technical programs

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3 thoughts on “Great Online Resources To Acquire Technical Skills

  1. Clifford O. Olawaiye · Edit

    This is very enlightening and I’m sure a lot of young Nigerians would benefit from this.

    I just want to add one more learning platform to the list, it is one that I have benefited from greatly and it is the first thing I mention whenever anyone asks me that same question.


    I have taken courses on other online platforms as well but for me Edx stands out. On Edx, one is sure of a classroom-quality learning experience, their micro-masters program is great as well.


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