Growing Africa’s Online Printing Sector [Video]

Growing Africa’s Online Printing Sector [Video]

In this videocast, I discuss the emerging African online printing sector. As broadband penetrates across the continent, this sector will continue to grow. Despite the digitization of enterprises, printing will remain a key part of commerce for a very long time. Companies like HP and Dell that make printers are seeing growth in the sub-sector. In Africa, printing is still largely managed by small fragmented family companies. The online is certainly one way to bring scale, digitally, in the sector. Nigeria’s Printivo is a leading firm in this sector, and others like Printweza and Brandcoma are coming up.  From wedding cards to business cards, printing is a growth industry in Africa, though it may be a low-margin one where scale will determine the winners. Any firm emerges as a category-king company will dominate the industry when it becomes a norm to order printed documents via the web as is done in the U.S. now.

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