Feedback from A Parent: He Heard A New Song of As

Feedback from A Parent: He Heard A New Song of As

Good people, this is from a happy dad. I did not know that mere sharing of my academic transcript could inspire young people. I wish him more As in that home. Making As is not a big deal; my focus is always the processes towards the As. If you form great habits towards the journey to the As, it simply means the process has worked. The P-R-O-C-E-S-S to As is more important than the actual As. I make that point in case if the As do not come, life should not end. Aim high, develop good habits, and keep improving.

Ndubuisi, I have never met you but I am writing to thank you for inspiring my twins. My boys are smart and that makes it hard to challenge them to aim higher. But luckily, a friend who worked in Diamond Bank sent your article about your experience in the bank, and your first day in United States. In that article, you added some of your university transcripts: all As. I printed, laminated and gave them. The next day, coming back from work, they welcomed me with “aa a aa aaa”. I said what? They responded: “that will be how our grades will rhyme”. They have responded; both gave me all As this ended session. But I told them “Prof’s transcript was As all through the degree, not just a semester”. I want the song of aa aaa aaa in this home always. God bless you for Nigeria.

This is the piece he referred to.

My First Day in America and Kindness of Diamond Bank Lagos


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