Healthy Living Will Become A More Common Lifestyle After COVID 19 – Tega Adeyemo

Healthy Living Will Become A More Common Lifestyle After COVID 19 – Tega Adeyemo

A healthy living expert, Mr. Tega Adeyemo, has predicted that people will pay more attention to their health and what makes them live a healthy life after the COVID 19 pandemic. The expert made this prediction in a chat with Tekedia to examine healthy living and how people should imbibe it for a healthier life. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Adeyemo Tega. I am the Chief Risk Officer/CEO of Petra Fruits Planet which is a social enterprise that advocates healthy living.  I started the enterprise in 2017. In the year 2014, I worked as a data analyst at Lautech Teaching Hospital Osogbo, at the Department of Anaesthesia. I saw how medical doctors who prescribe eating fruits abuse the intake of soft or carbonated drinks. It was so alarming! This increased my curiosity in finding out the relationship between what we consume and how such affects our health.

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I designed and administered copies of questionnaires to doctors to see what they have to say about fruits. I discovered they listed fruits they like but I don’t see them eat fruits but see them consuming more and more soft drinks daily. I was concerned and passionate about doing something. I later got another job with a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) as a Program Officer on The Global Fund intervention on Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV. This experience gave me more understanding on the importance of living a healthy life. I personally normally take anti malaria twice monthly and as I was also a victim of not living a healthy life. I resigned 3years after to start Petra Fruits Planet.

Today, since I started living on fruits I don’t have any need to take conventional drugs as I consume fruits daily. The awareness about fruits and vegetables is growing and people are now becoming conscious. The outcome of the research made me committed to sensitizing people on the importance and benefits of fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots. I have facilitated health sensitization using the platform of Petra Fruits Planet for individuals, groups and corporate organizations such as First Bank, Ecobank, Unity Bank, FCMB and Fidelity Bank in certain states across the Southwest.

You have always advocated the consumption of fruits and vegetables, why do you think this is important for a healthy living?

It is important to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain enzymes and are natural. It also helps our body to fight against inflammation and diseases. They have the potencies to also even cure diseases and other health challenges. Fruits and vegetables play a major role in detoxifying our body from toxins because they are life  foods. They help boost immunity even more than drugs. It is also encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables because their molecule properties have not been altered. Live foods promote healthy living. Sadly, what a larger percentage of the population eat is dead food. I am not discouraging people from eating the usual traditional foods such as local Eba, Amala and Fufu, but they should ensure a balanced diet and pay attention to heavily supplementing them with fruits and vegetables. Also, different fruits and vegetables have different nutritional benefits and could be used for curative purposes.For example, ulcer can be cured with cabbage juice. Another example is, beetroots, ginger and lemon.This is a combination that is good as a blood purifier/cleanser. So my point is varieties or combinations of different fruits and vegetables are meant to prevent/cure diseases.That is where the application comes in. There are certain fruits that can’t be combined together. A combination of  strawberry and grapefruit could lead to other complications.Then, it is also important to note that not all fruits are ideal for someone with ulcer. Having said all these, without a positive mindset and consistency, one might not get the desired results.

You advocate against consuming carbonated drinks. Why? What are the dangers? 

Carbonated drinks are not natural. They are not only pasteurized to give them shelf life, they also contain components that don’t do the body chemistry any good. The process of production of some of these carbonated drinks exposes those who consume them to dangers. For our body to function well, the body needs life food. What are life foods? Live foods are food that their molecular properties have not been altered. Live foods are rich in enzymes. And the body needs these enzymes to function well. It is advised that people take natural juice, smoothie and even eat fruits. This should be coupled with consuming a lot of water. That way people will be fine.

Your emphasis has always been about building immunity. How does this help?

Building our immunity helps keep the body in shape is important. As a matter of fact, the Coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown why we need a well and consciously built immune system. The immune system is the defence mechanism of the body. So, it helps the system to fight foreign invasion. On a personal note, I have seen how a healthy body can wade off basic health challenges that we encounter such as malaria.

Experts have claimed that the post-COVID 19 era will be full of changes. In terms of healthy living, what changes do you advocate or expect?

The change expected is that the consciousness of people about building a healthy body and changing lifestyle will improve greatly. In the course of the COVID19 panic, a lot of people started engaging in basic holistic therapy like steam inhalation which also helps to clear the airway and eliminate common cold and flu. Another change that is expected is that there will be an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The society will start getting cautious of what they eat and even drink. And because medical experts have emphasized the importance of a sound immunity system in fighting COVID19 and other health related issues, there will be a dramatic change in lifestyle.

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