Help Answer The Questions Raised In Mobile Monday Nigeria

We saw this post on Mobile Monday Nigeria website and thought you will like the questions. Simply, do you have anything to share? Many need answers and if you do, please share with us in form of a post. The provocative questions came after a discussion that largely focused on “the impact of government policy on mobile business”.


Highlights of the discussion;

  • Developers generally don’t know how to push policy forward for Government to impliment
  • How can we get involve to bring about favourable policy.
  • Participants were also encouraged to learn how government decisions are made
  • Is government policy a hindrance to growth of the industry? Key question that everyone in the room had an opinion about.
  • How can we grow the ecosystem? A responsibility for everyone to work out.


Send your comments or answers on these topics/questions to [email protected] We will surely appreciate any idea you can bring to this discussion.


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