Help Us Name This New App for Tekedia Learning Community

Help Us Name This New App for Tekedia Learning Community

Tekedia has built a mobile and web app which will  help our learning community to co-create and co-share more effectively. We have noticed the limitation on WhatsApp (group cap), and the low adoption of Telegram in our core markets. Our solution works like WhatsApp (with email login) but looks like Facebook Page. It has both Android and Web app versions.

From our data, engagement is very high on WhatsApp and people learn better when they can easily contribute to the conversations. Consequently, we see platforms like WhatsApp to be extremely vital for training. So, we have created a product which will power, among others:

  • Daily Short Videos (5 minutes) on innovation, digital, management, and business systems. This will run 5 days in a week, tracking the class sessions.
  • Past, present and future editions will have dedicated Groups, exclusive for members (you have to opt-in). They can collaborate, co-share, and co-advance. We hope lessons, opportunities, etc would be distributed.
  • Corporate members will have dedicated Groups for internal innovation with location sub-admins.

Our expectation is that this will support our current delivery method which works through our Digital Board with lecture notes, long videos, challenge assignments, and labs.

Now, your role; we want to name this product. We are going with Tekedia Hub. But we want to know what you think: here are alternative names below. Please feel free to suggest new names.

    • Community
    • Forum
    • Caucus
    • Social
    • Lab
    • Hub
    • Class
    • Group
    • Mobile
    • Board
    • Tekedia
    • Open
    • Learn
    • Room
    • Platform
    • Village
    • Team
    • Book

Your comment below…..


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35 thoughts on “Help Us Name This New App for Tekedia Learning Community

  1. “Tekedia Hub” is good, but i’ll prefer…
    “Tekedia Learning”

    “Tekedian” is too close to the already existing app name “Tekedia”.

  2. I think Tekedia Hub is just fine or we can go for Tekedia learning Hub but it’s lengthy..

    Pls I need the link to the current whatsApp or telegram group. Thank you

    1. Check your Board. If edition 3, it should be in Week 1. If Edition 2, it should be in Week 2. But let me say that it is likely both are full as Whatsapp allows about 250 people. That is why we are working on this solution.


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