Here’s Why You Should Say No Sometimes

Here’s Why You Should Say No Sometimes

Saying ”No” is never a sign of weakness.

I used to have problems with the word – ”NO”.

Perhaps, I don’t want to be seen as a bad man. In short, I am a people pleaser.

In the end, it took me nowhere in life. Instead, I was living my life for others when I’m supposed to be living for myself. I got trapped into doing things I couldn’t even do for myself.

If I may ask, do you have any trouble saying no to someone without feeling guilty?

Have you formed a habit of saying yes to everyone and have led you to feel trapped in doing things you do not want to do?

Listen, if you find it hard to say no to others or you feel guilty anytime you say no, then you seem to be putting others ahead of you, or you seem to care more about others needs over yours.

For how long will you continue to live that way?

Why would you even do that?

After all, life is too short.

Before you say yes, here’s what you need to ask yourself:

  • Am I saying yes for the fear of disappointing?
  • Am I scared of being judged by others?
  • Is it because I do not want to be disliked?
  • Or I don’t want the person to feel rejected?

If this is what you think or how it feels anytime you say yes, then it is time to learn how to take responsibility for your actions or words.

Ever since I’ve been living, I have never seen a perfect being. Neither have I seen anyone who has pleased everyone. Stop being too hard on yourself. You are not created to be a saviour or everyone’s Messiah. Your burden is enough for you to bear.

Of course, care for others, but not at your own detriment. You need a happy ”you” to make others happy. You need to be successful before you can think of being the people’s Messiah.

According to Russell Crowe, ”you must learn to live with your mistakes. And you must be able to say ’no’ once in a while. It’s important in life, and it’s important for any career you want to pursue.”

Here are 5 school-of-thought that backs your ability to say ”No” more often without regrets:

  • Saying no has got nothing to do with selfishness.
  • You can’t please everyone in life, don’t even try.
  • You also need to enjoy your own life, so to say no means you are giving yourself the time to enjoy your numbered days in life.
  • Saying no will not hurt your relationships with people who truly care. Those who have problems with your ’no’ are mostly takers.
  • Saying no shows you are a human and not a Superhuman or Batman.

If you know where you are heading in life, you should not have a problem with saying no sometimes. You don’t need to explain to everyone every time, just do your own thing. Your destination will answer them in the long run.

Say ”No” and be happy. At least, you stood your ground for the first time in your life.

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