Higher Performance WordPress Blog – Recommended Links And Plugins

Higher Performance WordPress Blog – Recommended Links And Plugins

The following are some ways you can improve the performance of your WordPress blog. First, install WP-SuperCache so that some o ft the php files will be converted into static ones. That will give your database some well deserved rest. The impact? Faster loading.

Caching is only one part of making a website faster. Here are some other plugins that will help:

  1. WP Minify reduces the number of files served by your web server by joining Javascript and CSS files together. Alternatively you can use WPSCMin, a Supercache plugin that minifies cached pages. It does not however join JS/CSS files together.
  2. Yahoo! Yslow is an extension for the Firefox add-on Firebug. It analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. Also try the performance tools online at GTMetrix.
  3. Use Google Libraries allows you to load some commonly used Javascript libraries from Google webservers. Ironically it may reduce your Yslow score.
  4. The CDN Sync Tool plugin will help upload files to Amazon S3/Cloudfront if you would rather not depend on origin pull. See the plugin support forum if you have any queries about this plugin.
  5. Advanced users only: Speed up your site with Caching and cache-control explains how to make your site more cacheable with .htaccess rules.
  6. Advanced users only: Install an object cache. Choose from Memcached, XCache, eAcccelerator and others.

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