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Hiring Managers, Practice What You Preach

Hiring Managers, Practice What You Preach

Finding a job in Nigeria is like looking for a diamond in the dirt.

Awa Ndukwe shared his experience with me. He talked about the carefree attitude of Hiring Managers when it comes to offering feedback on a job application.

I once had a job interview with a company a few years ago. As at then, I was at a point where I needed to make things work faster. Being the first child with family responsibilities, I couldn’t afford to stay idle.

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So, I prepared myself for the interview. But on my way to the venue, I had an accident in a taxi. It was so bad that I was bleeding. Courtesy demand, I contacted the company’s HR through the phone so I could explain the situation should in case I didn’t make it on time to the venue. But I was told to forget about it and go to the hospital.

It was not the best option for me as I had prepared hard for the interview. To forfeit it so easily was not the case. I tied the injury with tissue and plaster from a nearby pharmacy. Took some tetanus injections to subdue any form of germs. Then I continued my journey.

I got to the venue at the appropriate time and went through all their rigorous interview process in pains.

Till today, I never got a reply even when I tried following up.

Feedback is so important to job seekers only if Recruiters/Hiring Managers know. If I attend an interview and you won’t be going further with my application, tell me. It may hurt me for a while but I will get over it. But keeping me optimistic about the job application may hurt me forever as the time wasted can’t be recovered.

Moreover, as an applicant, I think it goes a long way molding me to be a better person if the recruiter can send feedback mentioning why and what I am missing, where I need to improve on.

Many applicants keep going from one interview to another, repeating the same mistakes. Expressions bottled up by recruiters are detrimental to job applicants.

The ”no feedback” is also a sign of a lack of communication skills shown by most Hiring Managers.

If your job descriptions demand excellent communication skills, why do you also fail to show it to candidates too?

Recruiters/Hiring Managers, please practice what you preach.

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