HOMEMAKERSmobi is South Africa’s Largest Mobile Directory of Home Improvement Products

HOMEMAKERS has for the past two decades developed a unique bouquet of media opportunities, enabling advertisers to communicate to discerning homeowners in the major urban areas of South Africa. Striving to bring consumers and service providers together, HOMEMAKERS is the number one portal for home improvement in South Africa.

Since the first 16-page publication was launched in Johannesburg in 1982, the company has become the market leader in direct advertising, with 10 national and specialised home lifestyle magazines. Boasting a phenomenal verified free distribution (VFD) of over 1.2 million magazines monthly, HOMEMAKERSonline is the best choice for both advertisers and homeowners in South Africa.


As a natural extension of these successful direct response magazines, the first HOMEMAKERS Expo was launched in 1994 and currently the company hosts five shows in South Africa each year.


HOMEMAKERSonline is a portal for both advertisers as well as South African homeowners seeking home improvement products, services and advice.


Ever needed a product or service for your home, but didn’t know where to find it? Then HOMEMAKERSmobi is the answer. It’s the largest mobile directory with thousands of home improvement product and service listings – a first for South Africa

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