How Alpha Mead Is Reinventing Florence Nightingale’s 173 Years Proposition With Modular Healthcare Facility

How Alpha Mead Is Reinventing Florence Nightingale’s 173 Years Proposition With Modular Healthcare Facility

In the next few days, a new chapter will be added to the health facilities provision and management book in Nigeria when Alpha Mead Healthcare Limited, a subsidiary of Alpha Mead Group, launches its modular healthcare facility in Lagos. Among the health professionals and qualitative healthcare advocates who spoke with our analysts, the facility is a great addition to the health sector in Nigeria as the country continues making progress towards sustainable realization of the universal healthcare coverage, stated in a number of national and global policy instruments.

From primary to secondary and tertiary health facilities, it has been a mix of good and bad for citizens who need urgent medical attention. During the first and second wave of COVID-19, we have seen how the pandemic destabilized people and businesses. From the rural to the urban centres, everyone was in panic mood, not knowing what the future holds as the virus spreads unabated globally. In Nigeria, the period was pathetic, when health facilities in Lagos became stressed. This is not a surprise to professionals and health advocates because the state had more than 5,000 people accessing a health facility before the virus emerged. The story was the same for Rivers and Kano states, where over 13,000 and 8,000 people access a healthy facility respectively.

Refinement of Crimean War’s and Nigeria’s Healthcare Delivery Datasets

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The idea of MHF, according to our checks, was first introduced during the British and Russian War in 1854, when it was discovered that army base hospital at Scutari in Constantinople was unclean, poorly supplied with bandages and soap and the patients did not have proper food or medicine. These issues and emerging ones are more relevant to the Nigerian context after several years of introducing the facility model.

“To address these issues, we came up with the Modular Healthcare Facility (MHF). The whole idea of the MHF is to aggressively drive the penetration of healthcare facilities in Nigeria by reducing the construction timeline of a healthcare facility to less than 30 days – saving the time lost to design, construction, equipment installation and commissioning of regular brick and mortar healthcare facilities, which sometimes run into years,” Engineer Femi Akintunde, the Group Managing Director says.

Our analyst had earlier noted that the group’s strategic alliance with Oaklu Alliance will improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria. According to our analyst, Alpha Mead is bringing its status of a company that inspires others to reality. It also indicates that the Group has mastered the national market and know when it matters most to improve total real estate solution industry through global strategic alliance.

What Is In It and What Does It Deliver?

Engineer Akintunde further notes that “The MHF is a customised, mobility-enhanced, prefabricated portacabin with detachable modules equipped with state-of-the-art clinical and diagnostic equipment that is designed to take quality healthcare services to the doorstep of all Nigerians.” The MHF is equipped with Radiology Information System, Picture Archiving Communication System (RISPACS), Enterprise Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Telehealth infrastructure for real-time reporting of investigation and remote consultation.

Our Construction Analyst, Mubaarak Abdulhameed, notes that the MHF is a disruptive initiative in the real-estate sector. It will be like producing turnkey projects targeted at the health sector. Just like turnkey buildings where everything needed in the building is provided, including furniture and kitchen utensils, in the same vein, every component required in, for instance, a diabetes healthcare facility will be delivered as a total package by the real-estate company. The same thing will go for other major (popular) diseases.

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