Alpha Mead Group Becomes Founding Member of Canadian Global Alliance for Provision of Turnkey Hospital Units

Alpha Mead Group Becomes Founding Member of Canadian Global Alliance for Provision of Turnkey Hospital Units

Available information indicates that Alpha Mead Group, a total real estate solution company in Nigeria, has become member of Oaklu Alliance. This was announced through a press release credited to Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Oaklu Alliance is a strategic step of Oaklu in its readiness to build hundreds of Turnkey Hospital units in the United States and underserved countries around the world. As a company, Oaklu is offering “quick-deploy temporary and permanent hospital buildings that convert into social housing – to iconic high-rise developments and leading residential communities.”

With this membership, Alpha Mead’s Health Services and Management Unit is expected to help the company in actualizing its plan for the Nigerian market in the areas of Turnkey hospital unit development and management in Nigeria.

“The founding members of the Oaklu Alliance create a powerful base from which to deliver the Turnkey Hospital and other projects globally. Additional members will be announced as the Alliance grows to stay ahead of its current and potential customers,” said Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu.

Alpha Mead is also expected to share its expertise and knowledge in the healthcare sector with other members of the Alliance across the world. Other founding members include;

Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – world’s largest flooring manufacturer; Teklight – International distributor of truly automatic UVD ultra-violet disinfection robots; Global Furniture Group – North American leader in office furniture;

Allwest Furnishings – Western Canada industry leader in office furnishings; Zero Mass Water – Source Hydro Panel infrastructure free drinking water solution; Renova Energy – Renewable energy infrastructure design, construction, and engineering; Ante Global Solutions – Provides specialized security services globally; Old Park Engineering Services – L.P.G. bulk storage and distribution specialists; The Lombard Group – Affordable housing solutions for the developing world and Mopec Europe – Anatomy, autopsy, and pathology equipment and supplies.

Our analyst believes that Alpha Mead is bringing its status of a company that inspires others to reality. It also indicates that the Group has mastered the national market and know when it matters most to improve total real estate solution industry through global strategic alliance.

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