The 5 Strategies To Close Sales Like a Pro

The 5 Strategies To Close Sales Like a Pro

The most successful salesperson deals with the market as an early morning routine (grab it while it is still fresh). They do not give in to chances, rather the market place is duly occupied by their strategic creativity.

What do I mean by this:

The salesperson who enters the market with his product, and sees that there are many similar or even leading brands, then settles down to examine the un-common questions from the on-passing customers, tends to learn their un-noticed needs. When he does this, he then tries to provide the simplest answers that are direct so that the customers do not spend lengthy time to flow with their services, hence a life-long loyal customer. It’s that simple.

As a salesperson who wants to stand out unique, you should be clear on the following points;

  1. Be punctual and Consistent with your provisions; Maintain a certain quality and always implement new ideas, even if it is just a change in product packaging color.
    • If your idea is new and solves problem, people will pay for it no matter how dumb it may sound, if not today, then tomorrow, so be consistently innovative and think differently this year.
  2. Always see the market as a temporary environment, so that you will speed up the solution factor of your brain. This will help you to think out new strategies to overcome the challenges in the market such as; noticing that there is already a leading brand and how to take a higher place amongst them.
  3. Be keen on the expectations of the customers. There is always one thing that the customers are complaining about. It may be the time of product arrival, the gesture of the salesperson or even the packaging style of your product. Always listen to your customers and assure them of quick resolution of their problems; and do it when you promise to do so.
  4. You have a good sense of humor, which is great. On many occasions, some customers do not need your jokes, too much of your creativity or even your overall professionalism. You just need to be direct to point in answering their queries. This sounds small, but it can improve your sales to about 15% in the shortest span of time.
  5. Personalize your business approach. In recent years, there is a high development and the implementation of automated processes. So many people are aware of this and they would prefer a real human being to talk to them. So be a human in your approach, not a robot.

For the CEO:

Findings have it that; 80% of consumers will always trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage in social media, meaning they are available and reachable. About 65% are more likely to buy from such a company.

As the leading chamber of the organization, besides being a visionary, action oriented and decisive, you need to be easily accessible to your prospective clients. The days in which the CEO’s stays out of sight is long gone, now the technology has provided various platforms where even the poor man on the street would appreciate knowing the person who is the captain of your organization. It improves trust and confidence and assures people of a verifiable source to look for their solution.

For instance; the CEO of Facebook, Microsoft, and Virgin Group are always walking up the street to show people that they are humans just like them and this has created undying love for them and in turn improved their products sales over the years.

Keep Track record of business success for you and your clients:

If you monitor the most patronizing customers and show them compensation for their loyalty, maybe by sending simple gift cards, they will feel recognized and would want to buy more. Conduct market surveys/analysis to inquire from your clients how your services have impacted in theirs’.

They would always want to give you a report on the Return on Investment (ROI). Through this you can easily know where to work in order to improve in your business approach.

Gain the review/ thoughts of industry influencers regarding your services:

When a business influencer talks about your solutions, other business leaders will know about it. So call the attention of the leading influencers to say something good about your business solutions and also urge them to appear on your business platforms. ~ Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, the Founder, CEO at by Tech advised.

Start identifying influencers in your industry. It’s not about the social following, but look for people who are the most influential to your target audience and obtain from them, what their views could be. On successfully doing so, share the same on your business platforms for people to see and leave their comments.

Above all the solution factors, you need to convince yourself first, that you can lead the market with your unique solutions. Only then, you can be able to confidently implement all the above highlighted points. Always discipline yourself to sacrifice what is needed for your success and congratulate yourself and your employees/team at every point of business success. It will boost their motivation to do more in other-words, encourages continuous growth which every organization needs to stand tall in the market.


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