How Software Engineer Max Polyakov Was Able to Make His Life Different

A Software engineer Max Polyakov has a lot of money, owns several apartments and more. However, he had nothing in the past. There is a lot he had to do to get at the top.

A software engineer max polyakov

The story of an engineer Max Polyakov

  1. Growing up

Max Polyakov grew up in poverty but he always dreamt about becoming rich. His parents had moved from Poland to Netherland in search of a better life but unfortunately, they never had the required documents. So, they were unable to find good jobs. His dad had to do three different jobs in order to sustain the family.

  1. The EOS football team

Max worked hard in school and he had a passion for football. He played in the university EOS team. Performing well in football earned him a scholarship to study in Amsterdam.

  1. Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Max Polyakov met successful people who inspired him to do better. But, Max’s story changed when one of his friends introduced him to gambling.

  1. Gambling

Max Polyakov set up internet at his house and looked for gambling information online. He loved everything that he found and felt that gambling would bring him millions.

Max started missing classed because he spent most of his time at the casino. He even quit playing football.

  1. A woman changed Max’s life

Max Polyakov met a girl called Maria at a local café. She was also a student trying to make some money. Maria was also from a poor family and had gotten a scholarship just like Max.

Max and Maria started going for dates at night when Maria was available. Sometime later, Maria got pregnant.

  1. A choice that brought a big change

Max Polyakov knowing that he was now responsible for another life, he quit gambling, started attending school and working during his free time. Success

Max later graduated and got a job at an IT firm. He did his job well that he even got a salary increment.

Now that they had enough money, Max and Maria decided to have a second child.

  1. New possibilities

Max Polyakov decided to start his own business. He got an office within the city centre and hired several coders. The business began with small orders but within a short while, the company was handling many big orders from everywhere in the world.

Max made so much money and he was able to buy a new house.


Max Polyakov made a good decision which made him successful in life. Presently, he is a father of three and he is planning to have another child and there are more other goals he wants to accomplish.

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