How Solomon King Benge is Preparing the Next Generation of Ugandans

How Solomon King Benge is Preparing the Next Generation of Ugandans

By Nnamdi Odumody

Science education in many African and developing countries relies more on the theoretical aspect of imparting knowledge, aimed at cramming, rather than the practical one which builds problem solving, and critical thinking skills. This results to poor overall classroom performance, poor skills development, low job and career prospects, and weak economic development.

Fundi Bots, founded by a young Ugandan, Solomon King Benge, is on a mission to use robotics training in schools to create and inspire a new generation of problem solvers, innovators and change makers. Its hands on approach bridges the technology divide, between the classroom and the real world, providing training that is in line with recent developments, across the globe, to students, inside and outside formal academic institutions.

We provide hands-on, practical Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)) education to children and youth in classrooms, communities and universities.

Our students learn how to build robots, which radically improves school curriculum knowledge, classroom performance, provides hands-on vocational skills and career development and empowers students to be forces of change in their communities.

The Fundi Bots learning model is practical, fun, engaging and puts students in a collaborative and exploratory learning environment that inspires them to think beyond simply passing classroom examinations.

Fundi Bots wants students and non-enrolled youths to learn practical skills and resources from day one and pass through an education, and career path, that teaches them to be excellent students in the classroom, innovative problem solvers in the real world, experienced and knowledgeable employees and exceptional technology entrepreneurs.

Fundi Bots session

Its school outreach focuses on providing awareness, knowledge and access to training and resources at the school level, and includes hands on robotics training workshops, speaker presentation, science project assistance and guidance, career and skills development, and mentorship.

Fundi Bots Integrated is a version of its enriched science curriculum that’s deeply integrated within the official government or school curriculum. It addresses the same topics and subjects that the school is following, but adds more layers of practical lessons, projects and deeper immersion within the sciences. The Fundibots After School Program is a special science club for students who want to go the extra mile in learning science beyond their classrooms and for parents who want their children to explore practical science education, beyond the standard curriculum.

Fundi Bots programmes have impacted 4,500 students across 75 schools, and it has 2 regional centers in Uganda.

Kudos to Solomon King Benge and his team for preparing the young ones with STEM skills which will help transform their nation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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