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How To Get A Job In Nigeria

How To Get A Job In Nigeria

The market is crowded. Any day a Nigerian graduate fails to land a job, the chance reduces. Yes, with more people graduating and few companies creating opportunities, the market is saturated. In that sea, you need to find a voice – a separation from the multitude. My first colleague in our Nigerian business was discovered on Facebook when I was there. He posted 100% purely on electronics. I hired him; he is still with us. Our Engr demonstrated a clear separation on his feeds. He likes electronics and that was key to us.

Our best software developer was brought it after I saw a website he built. We acquired him and his small firm; shut down the site. When he joined, I did not even know if he finished university. We never advertise any job with any academic qualification [an irony for a guy with 7 degrees!]. To deal with the English issue, we hired an English graduate to police the grammar; the engineers are liberated.

The web is here for you to tell people what you know. Forget what Buhari and Goodluck are dealing with [you would have time to help government. Now, you just need a job].   Focus on the little you know. The employers will find you. We’re hiring guys from Ikeja Computer Village. None has even an OND but they can make electronics behave.

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I had my own experience – in 2011, Harvard Business Review invited me to Cambridge. I wanted to know how they found me. They showed me a piece I wrote in my generic WordPress page which one HBS professor printed and commented, passing the info to the HBR team.

I cannot understand how you claim to be a brilliant Economics graduate and yet have zero articles online? I cannot even imagine how you expect a policy NGO to hire you? NGOs feed on reports. It is easier to onboard someone that has a history of generating contents.

You need a strategy to get a job. It goes beyond sending CVs. You need a separation from the multitude to show employers you are different. Go and summarize your final year project and post the summary online. Find companies that could benefit from your works. Share the link with them, not your CV [look for HR on LinkedIn]. If they read and link it, you could get an invitation. For technical guys, maintain a small online presence and document your solution journey.

The best innovation you need now is one to get a job before you can have the opportunity to innovate for any firm. I want you to find a way to create a space and build a small separation. I have a reseller hosting service which I pay yearly to give hosting support to people who need space to show their works online. If you need one, email [email protected] but you would have to pay for domain registration.

I wish you good luck.



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  1. Prof, you are something here, undoubtedly a mans gift will bring him before kings. and i really like the following line from your post, “I want you to find a way to create a space and build a small separation.” and ” I have a reseller hosting service which I pay yearly to give hosting support to people who need space to show their works online. “. Thank you once again for providing a talent trigger and direction.

  2. Many thanks Prof for this great piece. I woke up this morning brain storming. I know I’m losing juice on my current job and know that I want a change. Been brain storming on a strategy. This piece gave me just that. You’re indeed a blessing to our world. Thank you.

  3. I am a fresh graduate Engineer currently Serving in Abeokuta with a major in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and I have would love to know an online platform to share my final year project on which is about Metal Matrix Composite Materials testing

  4. Indeed Prof.
    Quite frankly, your insights so far, almost across all the articles of yours I have gone through, really have a striking reverb of JFK: daring!
    And this one is not left out at all. On a very good day, I will share a story with you.
    For now, I just want to say a big “THANK YOU” for reaching out to the rest of the Youth of this country. I hope more will join up!

  5. I’m highly elated … I studied Geology in school.. How to sell myself, since there are little opportunity in that field . I did a superb project on Litho stratigraphy of Idah and its environments

  6. I am very enthusiast for this insightful and wonderful information you just passed to us without charge.
    Prof. I am a graduate of economics, in my final year project I worked on a virgin topic and since then I’ve been looking for any possible platform to share this my work for the consumption of my fellow researchers who would be working on related issue. I am very confident that my work will be very resourceful to them, the govt and private sector inclusive. However I’ve not been able to see any avenue to publish this my work.
    I will seriously need your help Sir.

  7. Oh mennnnh this piece is great.. Thank you very much prof.. In no distant time I will share my testimony with you sir.

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