How To Make An Intro Video For Your YouTube Content That Will Instantly Attract Viewers?

How To Make An Intro Video For Your YouTube Content That Will Instantly Attract Viewers?

A good introduction is something all of us yearn for, even in our personal lives. The right start to any aspect of our lives provides us the momentum and confidence to carry it forward with a positive mindset. Your YouTube content deserves the same. A nice introductory video or simply an Intro. It’s the best way to start your content and get the viewers initiated about you and your brand. And if they are amazing, then they have the potential to turn your viewers into your customers. Let’s get started with the bits and pieces of making a YouTube intro video and learn to make the best ones using an intro maker.

The significance of YouTube intros

Let me put it this way; YouTube videos have the ability to make or break your YouTube channel. It’s basically the foundation that you’ll be laying for your channel to spread across. Also, remember that you’ll be using that Intro a lot, almost for every content, so it needs to be visually stunning and contextually engaging at the least. It’s something that requires a bit of your thought process to engage in. Make a stunning one, and your videos are bound to be seen, your channel bound to be subscribed to. It might seem like a humongous task, but with the help of the correct intro maker, it’s nothing that can’t be achieved. Making the perfect YouTube intro is a very procedural task with an artistic and creative thought process. Read on to find out the basic guidelines that need to be followed while making one, a fantastic one that is.

How do YouTube Intro videos work?

Intro videos for YouTube content are generally introductory clippings that must be short and appear at the start of the YouTube content. The information conveyed through YouTube intros consists of the Title of the channel and theme of the video along with the name of the channel founder along with other people involved with the channel. These are accompanied by the brand name and logos with some snippets of music and colorful animations. This way, the viewers get introduced to the content as well as its creator and the brand all in a matter of seconds through interesting animations and sound, thus getting them hooked onto the rest of the content.

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Making a YouTube video intro using an intro maker

Through a quick search on the internet, you’ll find tons of free intro makers for YouTube videos. Through a smart search, you’ll probably find the right one that suits your requirement. Usually, it’s the interface that facilitates ease of usage and the improved features that render effective video making. We shall choose one such intro maker named Canva and learn the steps involved in making such an intro.

  1. Select a video template or begin from scratch

One beneficial aspect of an intro maker is the numerous video templates on offer. One can choose a suitable template from a wide range of video templates available on Canva and begin customizing the same as per requirement. You can otherwise begin with a blank slate and make your design from scratch. Whichever works out better for your desired Intro, go for it.

  1. Edit your design

The next obvious thing to do is edit the video design. Change texts and put down your channel tagline and Title. Play around with fonts, size, and color to achieve maximum effect. Canva o0ffers a large glossary of free photos, illustrations, and graphics. You can choose your image from that or insert your own photo for the YouTube intro video.

Next, you need to shoot your own intro video and upload it to the design. There’s also a video library you can choose from and find a suitable video clip that might suit your requirements best. Lastly, you can add some tune to your video by choosing from the existing library or adding your own snippet to the video template.

  1. Download your Intro and publish it

Now that you have edited your design and are content with it all, there’s left to do is download and publish it. It can also be shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Slack, or Twitter. You can avail of that option if you want to.

  1. Remember to choose the correct file type and dimension

When publishing your YouTube video intro ensure that you have selected the correct file type and video dimension. The aspect ratio for a standard YouTube video is usually 16:9. The highest resolution at present is 4K at around 3840×2160 px. Make sure you select the correct dimension for your Intro. Also note the common file formats supported in Canva are .mp4, .wmv, .AVI, .MOV etc. Select the correct one for your video as well.

Useful tips you must keep in mind while making YouTube Intros

  • Keeping it concise. Always remember to keep your Intro short and crisp so that the viewers remain engaged to the rest of the content. Around 10 seconds is long enough for a suitable intro.
  • Include visuals that are eye-catching and attractive. Even if you run the risk of making them flashy, opt for eye-catching visuals for the Intro. Bold animations, pops of colors with video clips will pique the viewer’s interest in looking beyond your Intro to the content.
  • Establish the brand and its tagline. Branding of your Intro is an essential aspect that people often forget amidst all the decorations. Use the brand name subtly and the brand logo aggressively so that viewers know who all are behind the video and what to expect from them.

Well, there are lots of free YouTube intro creators available out there, but Invideo stands out for the following reasons.

  1. Easy and quick interface
  2. An abundance of video templates.
  3. No burden of watermarks.
  4. All content is created and published through an online platform.
  5. It’s completely free.

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