How To Make An IPO Super Successful

How To Make An IPO Super Successful

The goal of every human activity is growth. So, every human being is in constant search for how to grow at a fast pace. Is that true with you? Yes, I think.

This is the most interesting aspect. The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is to grow his business to attain the level of initial public offering(IPO).

It is very important to entrepreneurs, because it is only a few that get to that zenith of business management. 

Do you believe that your business will get to that mark someday? If you believe and you are also working towards it, then this is one of the best marketing strategies you need to make your IPO a super success.

You see, there are three metrics that are very important in every IPO. 

As I analysed on my Linkedin page about the proposed Ant group initial public offering, which was planned to be listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

The three metrics are; the per share value, the total fund raised and the business valuation.

So, a successful initial public offering will record high per share value, high valuation and huge fund raised.

The interesting part is this; this is where investors (shareholders) and founders make money. 

I will be showing you the marketing strategy that can make your IPO a super success. Follow me to the end. Are you ready?

The IPO Winning Marketing Strategy

Before your company list on a stock exchange, you will be given a period of time to carry out proper marketing and publicity. The essence is to sell the shares to many people, so that investors can subscribe.

The higher the demand, the higher the per share value. Here is what makes up this marketing strategy.

Innovative Edge

During this period, the investors are only interested in one thing. Other things may not interest them as you may assume they do. 

The one thing that moves investors to invest, as Gary Herbert explained is the edge of your business or product.

It is during the marketing, you need to show to investors the true edge of your product. That is what will sell your IPO, and that is what will buy the investors.

Do you know why this is very important? It is because investors have many investment options, the one that truly stands out will reduce their investment risk.

The next step is critical

Marketing Medium

Investors can not be found just everywhere. They are special people and are very busy with what concerns them. That means, the social media platforms may not be the suitable channel you should adopt in reaching the investors, as you prepare for your IPO.

Yes, here is the channel that you should use in reaching them. You have to find out where the potential investor gets their information from. 

You have to know the magazine, the channel etc. With that, you will have the knowledge of where they can be found and can be reached.

Copywriting As a tool of marketing

There is no better tool to use in converting a potential investor to an investor than copywriting. Copywriters have over time understood what makes people make purchasing decisions the way they do. 

They have mastered the art and science of human logic and psychology.

They know how to convince investors with their words in print , in such a way that your IPO will be oversubscribed.

So, the professionals you need to handle your marketing before your IPO are the copywriters.

The Expected Outcome

When this strategy is well executed, you will end up having an oversubscribed initial public offering. The three metrics will grow in no time that your share price on the stock exchange will keep rising.

You and the initial investors will make huge money from your investment. It will be a great day for everybody.

This was how copywriter Harbert Gary used this strategy to market a company that is into bottled water product’s IPO and it recorded very huge success.

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