How To Make Money Through Writing

How To Make Money Through Writing

Writing made me!

I know you would be wondering why I said that. Yes, writing changed me from a hungry and desperate job seeker to a purposeful human.

This is not even about the money. It is about living a life according to the will of God.

Growing up as a kid, I want to touch lives but as an introvert, it seems impossible because I’m the shy type who can’t look into your face to say a few words. But somehow, writing opened the door for me to touch lives.

My content is consumed by millions of audience per month. Thanks to LinkedIn and Tekedia. I have had the opportunity to work as a Content Strategist with many companies like BAMF Media, USA, Future of Technology Summits, USA, Unlimited Exposure, Canada, and many more. I still work for some of those companies mentioned above. I also got my first speaking gigs in 2018 through writing. I did my second public speaking this year, at City Scope Africa.

Of course, I made money and still make money from writing. But it was never the goal. The goal was to inspire people through my work. Making money was just a bonus.

In 2017, if someone told me I would own a car and a house, I would never have agreed because I was hungry then. I was a desperate job seeker who had been rejected more than twenty times in three months.

If I was told back then that companies that rejected me would want to work with me, I would never believe it a bit. I’d said that it’s not in my lifetime. But it did happen. I have had recruiters who interviewed me but didn’t see me good enough for the role, come back to offer me opportunities later. Why? They read my content and feel blessed.

I know there are many people out there who want to leverage their writing skills but they are still stuck. Don’t worry, I will share some useful tips that could help.

Here are a few tips you can use:

  • it’s not about you – I mean, you should not make everything about you. Your goal should be – write to impact or pass a message across. But when you make your writing more about you, it becomes ego-centred.
  • Money should never be the reason: Of course, everyone wants to make money and pay bills, but when you are too focused on the money, it becomes difficult to carry on when the money is not coming. It took me six months to make money from writing even though I was not after the money. Make it more about your passion.
  • Don’t set a time on it: I have seen many people assign time on what they want to achieve with writing. For example, I want to make XYZ through writing in three months time. If it doesn’t come, they lose the flair and passion. The problem with people – they lack the patience to wait for their plans to manifest. Some people dream big but set little time for it to come true. Instead of setting time, make writing your habit. Do it every day.
  • Consistency is key: Writing may never work for you if you show up today and disappear for a month. Consistency is very important. That’s why it’s advisable to find a niche you are good at and build on it. It makes it easier to stay consistent over time. I have never seen anyone who lost by staying consistent.

There’s no magic in making a living from writing, you must have the passion and love for the game. The passion steers you through the storms and the love keeps the admiration for the game renewed even when you have not achieved your expected goals.

Now that you know the truth, go and make your dreams come true.

Writing changed my life, it can change yours too.

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