How To Start a Profitable Business With $0

How To Start a Profitable Business With $0

Financial constraints have always been the reason for many to transform business ideas into reality. Many business ideas have become dead or imaginary due to the lack of funds.

They say half a loaf of bread is better than none. But in a country like Nigeria, half a loaf of bread is not even available. With the rate of unemployment on the rise, and a crippled economy in a developing country like Nigeria, it has become a mission impossible to raise capital for business. Sourcing for funds in the bank has always been the alternative but today, it is becoming a big ask.

Banks ask for collateral that becomes difficult for a young entrepreneur to meet and therefore killing his entrepreneurship passion. Some entrepreneurs who managed to source for funds in the banks find it difficult to pay back due to the high interest placed on the acquired loans. Research shows that most businesses run by loans from banks hardly survive past the first two years.

Entrepreneurship has always been the only recommended solution for a crippled economy in any nation. Developed nations like America, Germany, England, and France are great examples of this fact. Most successful entrepreneurs come from these nations.

However, there are many businesses that do not really require a huge sum of money. In fact, there are some do not even require any capital.

”Yes, you can start a business with $0”, said the CEO of Zido, Samuel Akinniyi Ajiboyede.

He further said, ”most of our franchise partners started with no money and they make over $3000 per month (over 1,000,000 Naira).”

How is that possible in an underdeveloped country like Nigeria that has a price for almost everything?

”It is simple. Become a Zido Franchise Partner.” – Samuel Akinniyi Ajiboyede.

Zido offers you the opportunity to earn money per trip as a franchise partner.

Join the Zido Community and run your own Keke Taxi Rides business in your city. You don’t even need to own a Keke. Zido has recorded a huge success rate from its franchise partners in Lagos, Kano, Enugu and other states across Nigeria.

How can you become a Zido franchise partner?

Follow the four steps below:

  1. Get a fleet of tricycles, at least 20 tricycles
  2. Register them on the Zido platform as riders.
  3. Ensure that these drivers are always online and they receive requests from customers.
  4. Every driver is to make a minimum of 10 trips per day.

Benefits of being a Zido Franchise Partner:

  1. Earn extra income on every trip made by drivers under your fleet.
  2. Enjoy free adverts on activities in your location as a franchise partner.
  3. Get support and access to free mechanical services at our service centres in your location.

Log on to and register to start enjoying these benefits.

Indeed, ignorance is not an excuse in a court of law. Likewise, it should not be a reason for being poor.

Let us all go Zido as Keke go digital.


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