How To Stay Winning

How To Stay Winning

Our idea of wealth has for so long endeared us to a set of unrealistic dreams without knowing how to take each step to lead us to the end we desire. Your desire for money, quick money, has always made you want some sort of no hardwork but huge cash. That process is not sustainable. And if you think it is the way to go because you are getting results now, my advice to you is to have a rethink and change your strategy to life.

Put your skills to a productive use and let them make positive impact.

Let me give you a quick illustration. Have you ever considered internet fraudsters, those they call yahoo boys? Have you ever considered their digital skills? What if they restrategise and decide to trade their digital skills through legal means? What if instead of defrauding unsuspecting internet users and lavishing their ‘proceeds’ from ‘magas’, they decide to help people solve their digital needs. Imagine the chain reaction of job creation, legal and legitimate wealth creation, multiple layer empowerment of younger generation and more importantly, reducing criminal population in the society. Those who would have joined them in criminal act would now be mentored on legitimate value creation and skill development.

Who remembers ‘Evans’ the alleged kidnapper? Oh what high wired first rate strategy skills that must have been deployed into his business of kidnapping! What if he had restrategised his life course and become a better citizen and a good ambassador of his country by becoming a business strategist and consultant, with his philanthropic heart?

Who remembers the Young promising Nigerian billionaire Obinwanne Okeke? Yes, I know we do not want to be reminded of these names.

Now on this side, who knows Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Chris Kwekowe, Obi Ozor, Saheed Adepoju, Seyi Oyesola, Jelani Aliyu, Col. Oviemo Ovadje (Rtd), Cyprian Emeka Uzor, Kunle Olukotun, Sebastine Chinonye Omeh, Shehu Saleh Balami, Yemi Adesokan etc. These are Nigerians, yes, Nigerians who placed more emphasis on value first and money was attracted to them. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that most of them never had money in their motivation for doing what they did.

The totality of the young people learn values and vices from their environments in collaboration with their personal choices and tendencies to form their identity. It is always good to make the choice of values over vices to be a positive influence.

Make it a duty to learn one skill every 3 months.

Yes, every three months, try to learn one skill in the direction of your goals! Determine those things that will move you one step or two closer to your dream. Do you ask yourself why would I advise three months interval? It is because a good habit can be formed in 21 days of consistently doing the same thing. This habit can now be more consolidated in 90 days. So anything you do consistently for 90 days, be sure you’re just some months away to becoming an expert in any field you so desire to master.

As a forward looking champion, a soon-to-be millionaire and a positive influencer that you want to be, you need to learn relevant skills and make it a continuous habit of improving upon the knowledge and skills you have for positive and developmental use. Continuously learn new things, useful values, become valuable and let your invaluableness create better influence on any and everyone that has any dealing with you. This is the true attraction that brings true wealth. This is the money you truly need! This is the currency for the right exchange you can ever imagine!

Money is a slave and not you! Money should be attracted to you and not you to money.

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