HR Should Learn to Give Feedback to Job Seekers

HR Should Learn to Give Feedback to Job Seekers

Feedback is always essential to moving forward in life. Even companies appreciate customer’s feedback to evaluate and improve future production. Just as this is good for companies to evaluate, it is also good for job seekers to progress. After all, they say what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Going for interviews are always energy and mentally draining. Especially when you have to travel down to another state for the interview session. But when it comes to getting feedback from recruiters or hiring managers, it seems to take an eternity. Often times, job seekers don’t get the needed feedback.

In 2017, I went for an interview at First Bank of Nigeria. It was conducted by a hiring company called E-recruiter. The interview session was at Enugu.

I got the message very late. Irrespective of the timing and location (Ibadan), I dressed and left.

It took me seven hours to arrive at Onitsha, Anambra. I didn’t bother to continue the journey to Enugu as it was getting late. I stopped at Awka, Anambra; and passed the night there.

I continued the journey the next day since the interview was holding that same day. After the stress, the financial expenses and sacrifice, I arrived in Enugu and wrote the aptitude test with over five hundred candidates which lasted for one hour.

We were told they’d get back to us. But my hope was left hanging in the air. I never got any feedback, even till now. I had no clue if I passed or failed the aptitude test.

This is one of the major reasons why I have written this article. I am humbly calling out companies, hiring managers and recruiters, to look into this area of giving feedback to job seekers. It makes no sense to go for interviews and not get any feedback from the company.

Everything boils down to the recruitment process in that company. It also says a lot about the company culture being practiced there.

What value do you place on people?

Shubam Singh said: ”There are two reasons why HR employees don’t tell candidates that they are rejected (which is annoying).

  • It’s not easy to give the bad news to people who you know are going through a lot, which in my opinion, is an immature move.
  • They don’t care and spend 5 seconds to look at a resume that takes hours of hard work of someone, which in my opinion, is selfish. Hence, an immature move again.”

Dear respected recruiters!

I know you are busy. Combining work and personal life could be draining as well, irrespective, please be straightforward with job seekers because some are eagerly waiting for that one opportunity that can fix their life. And another important fact when a person gets rejected, they improve or go for another opportunity.

It is better to be rejected than to be given false hope. The cruel response is still better than no response.

Together, we will make the work environment a better place for everyone.

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