HTC Wildfire S Review – Ticks All The Right Boxes For Messaging and Entertainment

The Wildfire S is the follow up handset to HTC´s popular Wildfire. The Wildfire was a scaled down and more affordable version of the flagship Desire. The Wildfire S does not cut back on messaging or entertainment features as most of the affordability is acquired through a slightly slower processor and smaller screen than the Desire.


At 3.2″ the Wildfire S´s screen is more petite than most touchscreens on the market today and this instantly gives it appeal to people who find the larger handsets too uncomfortably large. The screen is a capacitive TFT affair with 256k colours and a relatively sharp resolution of 320 x 480. An accelerometer is included which can be used for auto-rotating the interface amongst other features.


The Wildfire S runs on the latest version of Android on release, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread being put to good use with HTC´s Sense UI. The main cost saving achieved by the Wildfire S seem to come from packing a slightly slower 600MHz processor compared to its Desire sibling, which means that the Wildfire S is not quite as high powered but still packs a punch in performance.


Wi-Fi and 3G connections have not been removed to increase affordability, and as such the Wildfire is truly an excellent messaging handset. It comes with threaded SMS available, as well as MMS, email and instant messaging clients. As an Android handset the Wildfire S comes with excellent support for Gmail and Google Talk in particular. For other messaging purposes there is excellent social networking support for the likes of Facebook and Twitter.


The Wildfire S comes with great playback support for music and video with 32GB of storage available through microSD cards. There is also a YouTube app allowing you to stream videos from the popular video website, and Picasa integration allowing you to quickly upload photos captured on the 5 megapixel camera. This camera comes with an LED flash, geo-tagging and video recording available.


The Wildfire S is an excellent Android handset that ticks all the right boxes for entertainment and messaging. It comes with fantastic social networking support, which is greatly enhanced by the 3G and Wi-Fi connections available. These are features that are usually dropped when it comes to making phones more affordable which is why it is nice to find them on the Wildfire S, whose affordability appears to stem primarily from a reduced processor speed.


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