Humans talk; work does not! Make humans know what you are doing.

Humans talk; work does not! Make humans know what you are doing.

Humans talk; work does not! Make humans know what you are doing.

The biggest illusion is thinking that your “work” will speak for you. Work does not talk; only humans do!

Do great things, and find ways to make sure people know you did them. Until humans, not work, begin to speak for you, that promotion may not come

.Be a great team player, but make sure you make it easier for humans to help you!

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Comment: Prof, you have just highlighted a fundamental factor of life. I am reminded of the Biblical Joseph who instinctively asked the cup bearer to speak to Pharaoh on his behalf. Joseph had all the nation transforming skills , but was languishing in jail for an offence he didn’t even commit, until the cup bearer who had experienced his sterling interpretation skills spoke about his work. The rest is history.

“Work does not talk” is a bitter truth for introverted professionals who believe their work should speak for them and have to wait unfairly on the cue for longer than normal .

While your work does actually have a voice, your environment determines if it will ever be heard. If you find yourself in an big organisation with team leads, supervisors, managers, senior managers, general managers, executive directors etc. With every layer of leadership there is, the sound of your work no matter how good reduces and needs the catalyst of others to keep it alive.

Thanks for stimulating these thoughts in this year of taking #Territories.


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One thought on “Humans talk; work does not! Make humans know what you are doing.

  1. Communication skills are highly underrated, and writing is the greatest of them all. If you are not the talking type, at least learn how to write, you can always communicate your works through writing, and it’s more valuable and enduring.

    No other communication skills sharpens thoughts like writing, you have to be articulate and show industry when writing, unlike in speeches where it’s easier to hide your flaws and shortcomings.

    If you do great stuff, you need to find ways to speak that language too, leadership is only reserved for those who can convey their thoughts and ideas, not those who can fix broken items.


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