Hunger Is The Real Pandemic, Let’s Discuss

Hunger Is The Real Pandemic, Let’s Discuss

Before pandemic there was hunger and after pandemic, there will still be hunger, and one amongst many reasons the world population is shedding against the pandemic (COVID 19), is because, it is liable to throw the world into famine; except for who benefits from it. 

Anyways, remember the days of Egypt; even if countries and entities stockpile their money barns off of this pandemic, such as Amazon and Facebook are doing, there’s still the possibility that the humans behind these entities will still need the farmers in the field, to produce the food they will pay for with their money; unless they will employ aliens to produce different kind of edibles. 

I remember in one of my articles, years ago; Africa: Looking Beyond The Education Limits

As the world is moving rapidly into Technology is as the need for food to sustain the masses is increasing and a time will come when both the poor and the rich will seek for common bread, then he will need to pay thousands, if not millions to have a handful.

I lamented on what may be the situation of the world even before the pandemic came into the picture. The excerpt would say; Imagine a day that you will have all the money you need, but to buy a handful of food, you get to spend x 10 of that food in cash. You may afford it in the early days of the season, but after a few months, you may not be able to maintain it.

  • WE CAN’T EAT MONEY, SO WHY STOCKPILE MONEY? Please help with your answers in the comment section below.

That calls to the main idea behind this article; Agriculture, and Infrastructure that aids the food industry to thrive. 

I read a blog by a good friend Samuel Damilola Olugbamila known by his stage name Blista Sam,

Titled; Agriculture or Entertainment where the topic was favoring the extended industrialization of the Entertainment industry, over the Agriculture Industry… then I laughed, why? Because I know very well that, “A HUNGRY MAN DOES NOT WATCH MOVIES,” – Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo said.

So, instead of comparing and contrasting industries over each other, why not find a way to balance it by saying; let us industrialize the;

  • Infrastructure/Civil Engineering Industry to aid Agriculture
  • Entertainment Industry to super aid Agriculture
  • Education Industry to innovate, and facilitate the next and better phase of Agriculture, and even
  • The Religious Industry hit the hammer on the head of the loyalties to take up their shovels and diggers and enter the next farmland near their houses and start producing food.

After the pandemic, the majority of industrialists will choose work from home over the traditional office space. Imagine the opportunity of working from the comfort of your home, and how beneficial it will be, if farming is now a core part of your leisure. 

That reminds me; I was once thinking in 2017, days with Insights Success Magazine, of how to build a virtual office space, where a CEO can monitor their employees’ live activities from a game-pad looking device. I will explain in detail how the technicalities will become a reality, if called to stage with the opportunity.

With this in place, companies and even the big organizations will be a simple handy device, requiring no physical infrastructure to operate conglomerates. And now, that leads us to the new project started on Friday, June 26, 2020 called a food vendors aggregator platform as a product by Tech, a Community of Happy people

The was started mainly for the purpose of reducing the food industry’s paralysis and the limited choice given to consumers to reach a variety of recipes at competitive prices, hence making the choice that suits their pocket.  And the extended features as per the business plan of the project, will help to boost the desire to enter farmlands to produce food in the country, to the continent and the possibility of reaching all over the world. 

Hunger is the real pandemic,Yes! and this cannot be disputed, but with the right fixes and optimization of ideas, and implementation of non-redacted steps, the pandemic will go, and hunger will lose its hold for many years, not until the system stays put with the promise to make food production a priority over stockpiling their cash barns. 

STOCK THE FOOD BARNS, WHILE STOCKING THE CASH BARNS; a proper redesign is a stronger win in this concern. MAN CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT FOOD, but man can survive without money (in paper or coin; trade by batter). 

To conclude: 

Taking Nigeria as a case study; a local man does not understand the word, “Pandemic,” but he understands and can interpret the language of hunger. A local Nigerian man, can choose to die of COVID 19, than to sit and let hunger take his children right before his eyes. If any other race can do it, at least not an Igbo Man. so let the race begin,whilst the new norm does not take us unawares.

If we are overwhelmed by the idea of pandemic, and uncontrollable changes in the system off of it, at least with the right dish on table,and a good aroma, the brain can come up with workable ideas to stand straight, think out, and find actionable solutions. 

This is by Tech, a Community of Happy people

Motto: Eat & Jump (We want you to Eat from Mama Adaobi and Jump to Mama Nkechi for more dishes at good prices, possibly with better taste and variety).

Brief Intro: At we support Restaurants, Hotels, and Food-vendors from their homes to sell food and reach new customers through our platform accounts.

N/B: The article took two months of check and balancing to come up with and agree to the points above.

Thank you for reading, if you have ideas to discuss regarding the topic, please use the comment section, it is a pleasure to discuss innovation.

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