I Expect Uber to launch Uber COPTER in Lagos – Eko Hotels to Ikeja Airports

I Expect Uber to launch Uber COPTER in Lagos – Eko Hotels to Ikeja Airports

Uber announced that it would be launching UberBOAT in West Africa this week, and markets responded favorably. I expect Uber to unveil Uber Copter in Lagos for helicopter operations. The best routes would be Eko Hotels to local/ international airports at Ikeja, and Festac to Ikeja airports. Uber can charge $300 and people will pay; the Lagos traffic will make that $300 a good deal! Uber is already in the helicopter business; the Lagos one should not be different. Watch out –  Uber Copter will be flying by Q3 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria. Of course local companies like Gokada and Max can offer that service if they raise more money.

Starting July 9th, Uber will offer helicopter rides between JFK airport and Lower Manhattan that can be booked on demand through its app. Uber Copter, The New York Times reports, will offer eight minute flights between the city and its major airport, with prices typically costing between $200 and $225 per person. Flights can be booked up to five days in advance.

Uber Copter’s launch comes almost three years after Uber launched its flying car project called Uber Elevate, which was an ambitious plan to offer flights using a network of lightweight, electric aircraft. Since then the company has continued to offer one-off marketing stunts where it gives people helicopter tours of big events like CES, but nothing that will actually get you from point A to point B.


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2 thoughts on “I Expect Uber to launch Uber COPTER in Lagos – Eko Hotels to Ikeja Airports

  1. Nothing is off the table in this multidimensional assault on the transportation frictions in Nigeria, so anything you have or can conceive; bring it on!

    If it’s possible, just do it; no need for dillydallying.

    We could name a village in Nigeria Uber…


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