All The Ideas Pitched at Garage48 Lagos

Check out the ideas pitched at Garage48 Lagos 2011!

Here are the ideas pitched at Garage48 Lagos:

  1. MecaniClick – get a mechanic on-line, or via SMS. Somebody who has a good track reckord or is specialized on your type of the car. Web based system.
  2. FTube (Facebook Youtube) – extract all the videos from Facebook and watch them as they would be on Youtube. Revenue share with the owners of the video, focus on the web app.
  3. – making the “heling of other individuals” more effective. Extramiles will help you to sign up as an volunteer and donate your time for volunteer work. Referral based system. Monetized through enterprize service – corporates have to pay, advertisement and donations.
  4. Parkbench – Meet people to share the interests. See who’s near you and what are their interests. Helps real-life introductions. Combines location, people, and interests in mobile and web.
  5. Lecture Wall – an educational networking site and on-line educational community. Lecturers and students can meet. Lecturers can sell their lecture materials, students can get the materials and teachings.
  6. City Explorer – Applications helping to explore your city and promotes local businesses. Improve the search results for the off-line businesses. On mobile and web. Helps to search for your places of interests.
  7. MyCash – For people who track their expenses: people who need to budget (eg. students) can track and share their expenses. Through sharing others can also find good deals on the products and services or just the fact that the purchase was made. A mobile app.
  8. TellMeTraffic – community driven trafic chattig app, to share the traffic information. Web based app accessible through mobile. People are very bored in 3 hour Lagos traffic jams.
  9. Qmash – a data mashup, which allows its users to search for pictures, video, and music, later to download on the PC. Helps with format problems, since this is done on-line.
  10. Evrica Events – event management system for Africa. Helps creating events and searching the events. Event publicity, registration and participation. A social booking system.
  11. Nigerian Food Recipe Web and Mobile Solution – web app with recepies and guidelines (even videos) to make Nigerian food.
  12. TalentME – system for Nigerians who like to express themselves helping to share their talents (singing, dancing) leading to profitable ends. Place to show-case yourself. Source of leads for talent hunters.
  13. Tagwire – Location based search engine / social network facilitating contacts between individuals (helps finding a new girlfriend who plays chess). Money: premium accounts.
  14. VeriPORT – On-line stock verification, stockbroker verification, news and events. To verify stock details in Nigeria takes 3-4 weeks.
  15. iGetSkills – Bring people together with different skill set, help them collaborate, start up ideas and give a platform to sell their services.
  16. Flippii – for Nigerian developers – share ideas and get feedback. Interested developers can join the project.
  17. thisRoad – help people to present traffic solutions for their routes, influence the authorities. On web and mobile.
  18. Banner Exchange Network – digitizing the print banners, and broadcast it on the Facebook through the network of broadcasters – through tagging their friends on the add photos.
  19. isThis – is this a good food, nice place, a bad person etc. Take a picture and ask the question – an app for simple feedback for stuff you see and can take pictures of. Money – advertising.
  20. One Word per Day – Getting local languages into and out of the Google Translator. A simple translation service. Helps to spread the language into the world with adding a language to google translate. Web and mobile app.
  21. Me and my Celeb – allows to hang out with your celeb and interact with them.
  22. Customer Service Aggregation Agency – customer service is terrible in Nigeria. A service for companies to employ students to be used as call center agents. People can sign up as potential call center workers have a training (learning about the company and the product) – makes the call service available for smaller businesses.
  23. iDemocracy – follow politics/elections with your mobile. Put politics on-line, create a track reckord for politicians.
  24. Yarn something – Piggeon English dictionary – help others to understand how people are talking in Nigeria.
  25. Social E-Learning – Social network for e-learning on web and mobile.


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