I’m Visiting Lagos, Accra, Abuja and Abidjan

I’m Visiting Lagos, Accra, Abuja and Abidjan

Good people, with my team, we would be in Accra, Lagos, Abuja and Abidjan starting next week.  Even as we serve/expand engagements with current clients, we would be looking to meet new ones.  Let us work together to fix your business frictions. We focus on technology and business models through special reports, speeches/workshops and advisory services. Specifically, we have cores and enablers to help you get ahead with blockchain and cryptocurrency-based platforms, and we would build. All would comply with Nigerian laws including CBN and SEC [yes, no currency involved]. Usually, we give a one-hour discovery innovation talk tailored to your industry. Contact my team to schedule; fees apply.

Gain clarity on your strategy with an impactful one-hour talk or on-site workshop, expertly driven by me

Our Advisory Services solutions are structured as follows:

  • The State of the Industry: This is a two-hour presentation (including Q/A) where I will present what is happening in your market, customized for your company, and then offer insights on how you can plot your strategies to win.
  • Discovery Innovation Workshop: This could take up to a day, but minimum of four hours is required. Besides the two-hour State of the Industry presentation, we work with clients to discover unique ways they can look at their businesses.
  • Advisory Services: Most times, after our presentations and workshops, clients usually engage us for Advisory Services.

Expand your team’s capabilities and invent the future of your business with our unparalleled expertise

Hope we can do business together and make this a great 2018. Please contact [email protected] or contact me directly on LinkedIn. For security purposes, I do not know where I would be and all goes through my local team that manages this.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Chairman, Fasmicro Group

NOTE: Would like to meet owners of clinics and hospitals for a new product we would also be launching.


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