Imagine if Google Has Advert On Homepage!

Imagine if Google Has Advert On Homepage!

Google is an aggregator which means its core raw materials are not baked and provided by it. In other words, others produce the raw materials which Google feeds on. Every search engine optimization (SEO) engineer is an unpaid Google staff since SEO engineers do one thing: make it easier for Google to find their sites so that Google could make money on them!

Of course, there is a reciprocal benefit: Google helps your tiny space on the web to be discovered. That is critical as in the world of abundant supply, there is a need for order, and that order means someone that can make sense of the whole “noise”, and direct people on where to begin on any discovery process.

Indeed, in a world without Google, Facebook and other aggregators, we will need to visit each and every website to know the one with the most relevant content on something we need to know about. That would be exceedingly unproductive and expensive. So, we agree on one thing: Google offers enormous value on driving efficiency in a knowledge world. It wants to serve more customers and it is very obsessive on that nexus. The “no ad” on the homepage is a good example of a company demonstrating a high level of customer centricity.

That takes me to a course on digital transformation by Tekedia Institute faculty, Jude Ayoka. In his class video, he explained that the obsession with customer experience was the reason Google did not put that ad box on the whole page. Yet, would that box really hurt? Of course, Google is smart: provided there is a search, Google has the next page to show the goods. So, in essence, there is no need for that ad box on the homepage!

So, in essence, there is no need for that ad box on the homepage since there would be boxes on the next page! Do you pay attention at the phase where you capture value, maximizing both customer experience and revenue?


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