Imo Airport Nigeria – Partial List of Citizen-Donors

Imo Airport Nigeria – Partial List of Citizen-Donors

It was a very common instruction from the headmaster: tell your parents to give you money by next Monday as the governor has asked us to request for more donations. Yes, the governor of Imo State, Sam Mbakwe, has sent notes to all citizens to send him money to build an airport. Someone shared a partial list of the donors. I knew that I contributed 25 kobo. Someone commented on the post: “I contributed as well. Millions across the East contributed. School children – nursery, primary and secondary students contributed.”

In my Platform presentation, I asked this question: “How many of you will contribute money and send it to a current governor in Nigeria?” Interestingly, President Buhari found those men corrupt, as he took them out via a coup. Now, see what we have where corruption is now Article xx in the constitution!

Do not lose hope in Nigeria – this land has a promise. It takes a man who has reached the highest mountain to appreciate the lowest valley. 

The kindness and the generosity of the Nigerian people remain unbounded. But they need to believe and trust you. On that list, country clubs raised money for the government. Today, those clubs assemble mainly to plot how to win contracts. The glory will return – #believe.


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One thought on “Imo Airport Nigeria – Partial List of Citizen-Donors

  1. Some the big donors on the list are well known, Ndi be anyi nwere mmadu!

    To inspire Nigerians and get Nigeria working isn’t really that complicated, you just need to combine strong character and kindness, and you will see the transformational impact.

    Our people can really be patient, if you can inspire and demonstrate that you are truly different. Any president who can speak weekly to Nigerians, with sincerity of purpose, that person will be winning hearts in their millions here.

    The major challenge is that we don’t really have good people in decent number who are close to highest level of leadership, do not be deceived by the facades and fake posturing of goodness; when you hear from a good person, your spirit will comply.

    Since we cannot be guaranteed of 469 good people in the National Assembly, the shortcut will be to have one great person as president, he/she can inspire the revolution and mind reconstruction from there.

    Nigeria will rise, and it can even begin in 2023, as long as we don’t make another misfit the president.

    Musa Yar’dua didn’t last long, but he won hearts more than any other president, an extended version of him could be all Nigeria needs to start working again…


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