In 2021, Reposition Your Business To Capture More Value [Video]

In 2021, Reposition Your Business To Capture More Value [Video]

The empires of the future have specific attributes in markets: they pick good positioning to strike for the winning goals! Today, being a good operator may not just help you if you are not positioned. You need to work at the right place and be positioned for market success. 

GE, a legendary company with some of the industrial-age finest managers, was executing just well, but its positioning, has made it impossible for it to capture extra value. IBM, another iconic global firm, might have filed more patents than most of its peers, creating “game changing technologies”, but IBM remains lost when it comes to capturing extra value. Yes, IBM is worth $110 billion while Microsoft is above $1.66 trillion.

As you prepare for 2021, my message is this: where you operate is more important than the efficiency you deploy to combine factors of production. If your positioning is poor, you will struggle. Think again about that business, and see if you can shift and capture extra value. Watch my video.


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