In 2021, Understand The Numbers In Your Business and Career To Advance [Video]

In 2021, Understand The Numbers In Your Business and Career To Advance [Video]

He gave the world the Pythagoras theorem, that one your sports teacher used to determine the 90-degree edge of the football field, in the village school which did not have a formal measurement tool. In the Great Debate, he made a really strong point: the world is nothing but numbers. Pythagoras is still speaking. His “numbers” are now called data.

If the world is made up of numbers, it does mean that if you cannot measure anything, you are wasting your time on it. Your business is numbers, and you must measure it in order to make progress.

From the  Great Library of Alexandria  to the The House of Wisdom (Grand Library of Baghdad), the ancient world was ruled by those who could make sense of numbers. The Great Al-Khwarizmi, the Father of Algebra, and the man whose name is “algorithm”, preached the message of numbers. As the director of the House of Wisdom, he pioneered algebra and went to Mecca to shape commerce. He told men- unless you can make sense of numbers, you cannot be a good merchant.

As we move into 2021, invest to understand the numbers in your business and your career. Watch this keynote I gave on “Unlocking Business Agility with Learning & Numbers”.

I am wishing everyone a great new year ahead. It would be a year of accelerated growth.


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One thought on “In 2021, Understand The Numbers In Your Business and Career To Advance [Video]

  1. Making sense of numbers has proven to be such a difficult and complicated task for most people, perhaps as a result of alternate realities that abound.

    Nigeria has never been great when it comes to counting 1 2 3, same for most organisations here, both public and private, and it keeps getting harder, rather than easier.

    From the ancient times, it was postulated that any fact/truth derived from mathematics was indisputable, that assertion seems to have expired, and the numbers continue to diverge…


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