The Nigerian Stock Exchange Goes Parabolic

The Nigerian Stock Exchange Goes Parabolic

Time to open that Excel and check those unloved stocks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Nigerian bourse has returned about 40% this year and it is closing as one of the best performing exchanges in the world. The curve is even going parabolic, and that is amazing. May it continue to rise as Nigeria does not want any stock-pulling gravitational force! 

Yet, looking at the NSE and NYSE (the American version), you see the soul of the world: massive wealth being created even when the broad citizenries are going through severe pains. One of the key winners in NSE is BUA Cement Plc.

The shares of BUA Cement Plc have gained N618 billion since the opening of trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange for Q4 2020, as investors position for the shares owing to its relative valuation and impressive growth prospects.

This was uncovered by Nairametrics after tracking the performance of the shares of BUA Cement Plc on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, since October 2nd, 2020 when the market opened for trade for Q4 2020.


According to data tracked and analysed by Nairalytics, the research arm of Nairametrics, BUA Cement remains the fourth most capitalized company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of N2.03 trillion.

The Cement manufacturer stands ahead of Nestle with a market capitalization of N1.2 trillion, and behind Airtel, a telecommunication behemoth that maintains a market capitalization of N3.2 trillion.

For valuation and profitability, the company stays ahead of Lafarge Africa Plc, another important player in the cement sector, and behind Dangote Cement Plc, the industry leader.

The US is battling coronavirus and economic paralysis, Nigeria has taken insecurity and lack of order to another level. Yet, the stock markets are rising! The world needs to be reshaped.


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