In 2021, Unless You Set Expected Results, Merely Changing Habits Will Not Help

In 2021, Unless You Set Expected Results, Merely Changing Habits Will Not Help

In sports and most domains, legends are remembered for RESULTS, not processes, norms, dogmas and habits. In business, the icons of markets are those who have results with great monetary scores on the board. Like I tell our founders, if your numbers are great, the Board will see a good presenter. But if your numbers are lousy, no matter how good you speak, your presentation will remain mediocre. We are there for results, not your styles and processes.

In 2021, I challenge you to pay attention to results. While you can improve your processes and habits, make sure those processes are leading to the expected results. You run a blog, and it is taking you two days to have one article because you want to have a near-perfect piece. While you wait, someone has used 12 minutes to break the news, creating the Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ) needed for result.

The deal is this: the construct of quality has no meaning until the price of the product is put into considerations. I always ask entrepreneurs to build for the Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ) bounded by the product target price which market will respond. You can build rockets to fly around the world: that is an engineering possibility. But does that make a business sense if no one can afford it? Ask the makers of Concorde for answers.

So, it begins with understanding what you need for success, and looking at the best possible ways to get to the destination. Yes, your expected results must define your habits, processes and methods in 2021. Until you have clarity on what those results are, everything you are doing could be a waste of time.

Sports legends and business icons are remembered for RESULTS, not processes, norms, and habits. In 2021, unless you have clarity on expected results, changing habits will not help.

Yes, before you begin the orthodoxy of new year resolutions, do you have clarity on the expected 2021 results? If you focus on changing when you wake up, how often you visit social media, read your emails, etc, you may not make progress, if you have not defined what the results should be. 

Progress will happen when the expected results are known, and from there, you can begin to work on your methods and processes. But all those can only happen if you can measure things as you go on the journey.

I do not post much on Twitter and Facebook because I have measured, and noticed that my expected results cannot be obtained easily therein, due to the audience structure. I know the results I have set and using those platforms would not deliver them. But LinkedIn has been superb, and that is why I am always on LinkedIn. So, it goes before changing habits and norms, you need to understand what the expected results are, to make real progress in 2021.

Greatness comes through results and those results must drive the habits to achieve them. Happy New Year.


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One thought on “In 2021, Unless You Set Expected Results, Merely Changing Habits Will Not Help

  1. When the objectives are known, the nature of the result becomes clearer.

    Sometimes you just need to get the product out there, the improvement can begin afterwards.

    Process is the means, result is the end; never lose sight of that.


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