Innovation Management Is A Hot Area – Stolto Consulting Leads The Way

Stolto Consulting is a new management consulting company in Lagos. They offer advisory and consulting services to customers.  They focus largely on Innovation Management. They believe that in today’s world, innovation isn’t a luxury, it is indeed a necessity. From their website, they pitched the focus as follows:



  • creating and delivering new growth opportunities for our clients
  • help build extraordinarily successful and sustainable institutions/enterprises whether new or existing
  • commitment to providing unique services without limiting the solutions we offer to the conventional


Yes, innovation is the primary driver of financial, organizational and economic growth. At Stolto, they work with clients to develop a culture of Innovation in their processes and products.  For them, innovation is indeed  the forte.



Investment House
6th Floor, Rear Wing
21/25 Broad Street
Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone Nos: 08191338475
Email: [email protected]


Innovation will remain a key driver in national competitiveness. It is what separates iconic brands from others. Having an innovation culture is strategic for organizational growth and survival.


So, we think that Stolto has a lot to deliver to the nation in this area that has not received enough focus. By helping people improve their processes, tools and systems, they could become more efficient in their businesses. We hope Stolto will take the nation to that level.


Small and large companies must pursue innovation and it gets very exciting that a consulting company in Lagos has expertise in that area. Innovation is the future and helping your firm to master that process will reward all your stakeholders.


We welcome this new firm and wish them success as they pursue that mission of helping more companies redesign and become innovation powerhouses for the competitiveness of Nigeria. We must be innovation obsessed in Nigeria and become living agents of kaizen where we must continuously improve in all we do.




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