Insyt Helps Brands Make Informed Decisions By Aggregating Public Perception Online

Insyt Helps Brands Make Informed Decisions By Aggregating Public Perception Online

Insyt is a platform which collects data in real time from social media channels to help organizations know the public perception of their brands and allows them to keep track of conversations about them and their products in English and Pidgin languages.

No matter how small or complex your data needs are, Insyt helps you convert from inefficient paper-based systems to a simple, fast and flexible mobile & web-based platform for data collection, paper form digitization, agent management and data analysis. Reduce cost, time and errors in targeting customers and gaining visibility into your operations. Go paperless with Insyt!

Insyt helps in measuring the impact of marketing campaigns so that enterprises can know if they are truly getting value for their ad spend and interact with customers in a conversational manner to gather valuable insights.

The platform helps brands to take the guesswork out of influencer marketing and easily measure the impact of influencers on their brand online as well as connecting them with the most relevant and engaging influencers in their industry of operations. It saves marketing communications teams time to engage in further productive activities on their jobs by utilizing Keyhole to aggregate metrics, monitoring, analyzing and creating reports. 

Using artificial intelligence, it helps brands to predict how their campaigns will go in order for them to take action based on the insights.

Reputation management is very essential for organizations in this age of social media and Insyt helps them to understand the feelings of their target audience concerning their brand as well their competition online.

As enterprises organize events to promote their products or services, Insyt helps them to capture every moment and gain access to data from their guests which they can leverage in amplifying their reach during the duration of the event. Through social media monitoring, it helps them gain insights on key conversations on any subject online in order for them to understand trends and audiences in providing solutions targeted at their customers.

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