Intelligent Mutability Management – A New Management Philosophy

So, what is Intelligent Mutability Management (IMM)?


Intelligent Mutability Management (IMM) is a new management concept that focuses on providing the right tools through which firms can intelligently disrupt themselves in order to reinvent themselves.


It underscores that over-protecting today’s industries from new sources of innovation could prevent future opportunities.


IMM applies to both private and public institutions. It looks at careful and intelligent mutation of entities in order to make them better. Excessive bailout and legislation to preserve today’s industries could create doom for future industries. IMM will help you understand the balance on how to nurture today’s industry while also allowing future ones to disrupt, if necessary, and evolve.


For firms, it creates that necessary reminder that you cannot seat on stale ideas. While they may be important, new ones must be allowed to emerge and succeed. That balance of internal disruption will make firms agile. It is agility to transition and transmute from one business to another as technology disrupts the market and the perception of customers shift.


IMM helps you understand the redesign in celebrated firms like IBM and GE which over the decades have navigated from one industry to another. They anticipate the shifts from customers and create new industries where they dominate. They constantly disrupt themselves and remain agile.  And the result is a big computer hardware firm working hard to save the planet.  And an iconic US brand leading the charge on alternative energy sources.


IMM examines the factors of disruption and computes matrix that drives that evolution from contemporary ideas to those of tomorrow. For instance, how will US lead the energy business of tomorrow if government legislates and ensures that today’s energy business is protected from disruption and new innovation? IMM will help you understand that mix and how to formulate the right framework to transition without turbulence in the economy or market.


Intelligent Mutability Management was coined by us.

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