Interactive Signage Encourages Wide Format Use In Retail

The wide format sector may be relatively small within the greater printing industry, but it remains one of the few print sectors that is showing signs of growth. Much of this expansion is being driven by the retail market. Although the country appears to be recovering from the 2009 economic recession, the retail sector is still feeling the effects. Consumers are keeping an eye on their spending, and retailers are working to leverage their marketing investments.


Because online sales are booming, retailers are engaging in multiple methods to bring shoppers back into their stores. Retailers must draw customers into their stores, get them engaged, and convince them to spend once they are inside to encourage the same growth in store that they are seeing on the Internet. One of the most effective—yet relatively inexpensive—ways to do this is by using point-of-purchase (POP) signage.


While the media itself is effective, making in-store wide format engaging and interactive is helping retailers to competitively differentiate themselves. Quick response (QR) codes are just one of the new ways marketers are able to establish a dialogue between the consumer and retailer. One of the more interesting findings in InfoTrends’ buyer research was the fact that 20% of large format signage and graphics buyers have used QR codes and other interactive media elements in their large format graphics. It is also important to note that 92% of respondents who have used interactive media elements in the past plan to continue doing so in the future.


Over 71% of buyers who have not used QR codes or other interactive elements in their large format graphics have reported that they would consider doing so in the future. This presents a huge opportunity for print providers in the large format graphics market to educate buyers on the value of interactive elements. Offering this service can generate more value for buyers as well as new revenue streams for businesses.


Adapted from  InfoTrends

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