IOTransfer is the Best Way to Sync iOS Devices and PC

IOTransfer is the Best Way to Sync iOS Devices and PC

It happens all the time – we want to transfer data between our Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, and our PC. We do struggle because Apple products are built on iOS while PC runs on Windows. This is not just a problem for individuals, it affects companies and everyone.

I have had this problem myself and have been looking for a way to deal with it. The non-interoperability of these ecosystems are always issues. But now, there is a solution. A product called IOTransfer makes it possible to transfer iOS devices data and sync with Windows PC.

IOTransfer offers all-in-one iPhone/iPad photo transfer and management. Batch transfer photos and images between iPhone/iPad/PC with ease, saving your best memories of family, friends, and exiting moments during travelling. Import pictures from PC to iPhone/iPad to enrich your albums. Directly sync iPhone/iPad photos to multiple iDevices without iTunes or iCloud. Transfer your photos, your way!

The IOTransfer is an iOS software designed to manage the data on all of iOS devices in the easiest way possible. I downloaded, installed and have used over the last few days. It is super-great. Here are the key features you will like:

  • Easy Transfer

You can sync your data between iOS devices and backup them to your PC.

  • Easy Photo Manager – Retain Your Best Moments

IOTransfer manages photos between iPhone, iPad and PC. You can export and import contents  with one click. It is that simple.

  • Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod Music Portably

IOTransfer makes it extremely easy to transfer music between iOS devices and PC with just a simple click. Bulk transfer takes you less time to transfer, while more time to enjoy music on different devices. So you can access and share your favorite music with friends and family anytime. IOTransfer is also able to sync music downloaded on computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad without deleting the current music on your iOS devices. No more boundaries for you to enjoy music as the way you like.

IOTransfer in action

IOTransfer can be downloaded right from their website then installed on your PC with Windows 7 or above. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod when prompted, and allow access to your device by trusting the computer you are connected to. After a quick scan of your iDevice, items stored will be listed in categories like iTunes. Unlike iTunes, managing what is on your iPhone is simplified, with actions being more similar to the act of connecting to an external hard drive. Click on a category, for instance Music, and choose to sync to iTunes, PC or device. Items can be added, removed and synced either individually or in bulk. Even sync directly to iTunes without ever without actually dealing with iTunes, easily managing all music, videos, photos, apps, etc all from one application.

Like iTunes, IOTransfer can control all of the contents, but in a much easier to use format. IOTransfer essentially becomes your new iPhone manager, with the ability to not only move your data to and from a Windows PC, but between iOS devices as well.

IOTransfer doing its job between PC and iPad

Have an iPhone and iPad? Transfer between the two by connecting both devices to your PC and using IOTransfer’s content to device setting to export from one device to the other. It is direct access with an intuitive process. Just click what you want and put it where you want it. Moving photos in bulk is definitely my favorite feature overall as it clears up space on my phone much faster than the traditional method. My photos are backed up on my PC and precious storage on my phone is restored. Transfers also include backups, iBooks and even voice memos so nothing gets left behind.

Download IOTransfer right away here.

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