iPad2 And Foxconn Blast – You May Need To Order Your iPad2 Now

When explosion rocked Foxconn Technology Co. Ltd plant in Chengdu, China, few days ago, killing  3 people, injuring 15 people, and destabilizing operations, a threat to more than 500,000 Apple iPad2 production was born. Market research firm, IHS iSuppli, believes that  the blast could disrupt  the inventory of iPad2 in coming months. The company estimates that 500,000 units are made there per month, so any stoppage of work for a month could take about that much out of the global inventory of iPad2.


There has been conflicting analyses about the impact of the blast.  Terry Gou, Foxconn chairman, noted that the  explosion will not delay the production of the iPad in  Q3. Most analysts have noted that the company can shift its production to another plant. However, this has to be carefully measured since most  other plants are already on full capacity to accommodate more iPad2 units.



Irrespective of what the analysts and what the company says, now is the time to get your copy as this product could become scarce, in coming months.

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