It is #23

It is #23

It is something to celebrate: yesterday, we sent the 23rd invoice for my PAID speeches this year. Last month, we increased our rate from $5k to $10k in Africa, and from $10k to $20k internationally. When we made that decision, I relied on one thing: if you really think I sabi, you need to pay to have me. Otherwise, I no sabi!

Who knows – in five years we can hit $1 million annual revenue on just speaking. This is your world, find your space. Do not allow anyone to design it for you. Create yours and do not be intimidated asking to be paid. There is nothing “immoral” about it.

Get out of that African mentality: water everywhere but none to drink! If you think I write here to entertain you, you are wrong. I write here to recruit customers. It is part of my job responsibilities in Fasmicro Group.

If you want to have me, the rate is still there:

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