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Jack Dorsey now for Bitcoin Adoption, Tyler Hobbs partners with Blackdot

Jack Dorsey now for Bitcoin Adoption, Tyler Hobbs partners with Blackdot

Jack Dorsey is a well-known entrepreneur and visionary who co-founded Twitter and Square, two of the most influential platforms in the fields of social media and fintech. He recently stepped down as the CEO of Twitter, a move that surprised many observers and raised questions about his future plans, Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk for over $40 Billion in April 2022.

Dorsey has been a vocal advocate of bitcoin for years, calling it “the best manifestation of the internet” and “the native currency of the internet”. He has also invested heavily in bitcoin-related projects, both personally and through Square. In 2018, Square launched Cash App, a mobile payment service that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin easily.

In 2019, Square created Square Crypto, an independent team dedicated to supporting the development of the bitcoin ecosystem. In 2020, Square bought $50 million worth of bitcoin as part of its treasury strategy, and later increased its holdings to $220 million. In 2021, Square announced its intention to build an open-source hardware wallet for bitcoin, as well as a decentralized exchange platform called TBD.

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Dorsey’s passion for bitcoin stems from his belief that it is more than just a digital asset or a store of value. He sees it as a way to empower people and communities around the world, especially those who are underserved or excluded by the traditional financial system.

He views bitcoin as a tool for economic inclusion, social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability. He also thinks that bitcoin can foster innovation and creativity, as it enables anyone to participate in a global network of value exchange without intermediaries or gatekeepers.

Dorsey’s vision for bitcoin is aligned with his mission for Square, which is to “build tools to increase access to the economy”. By focusing on Square and bitcoin, Dorsey hopes to create products and services that can help millions of people around the world access financial services, start businesses, create wealth, and improve their lives.

He also wants to support the growth and development of the bitcoin community, which he considers to be one of the most inspiring and diverse groups of people he has ever encountered.

Dorsey’s departure from Twitter does not mean that he has lost interest in social media or the internet. On the contrary, he has stated that he remains committed to supporting Twitter as a board member and a shareholder.

He has also expressed his interest in exploring other forms of online communication and expression, such as decentralized protocols and platforms that can enable more freedom, transparency, and innovation. He has hinted at working on a project called Bluesky, which aims to create a decentralized standard for social media.

Dorsey decided to leave Twitter and focus on Square and bitcoin because he believes that they are the best ways for him to pursue his vision of creating a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable world. He sees bitcoin as a revolutionary technology that can enable anyone to participate in the global economy and society without barriers or limitations.

He sees Square as a company that can leverage bitcoin to create products and services that can improve the lives of millions of people around the world. He sees himself as a leader who can inspire and support others to join him in this journey.

Tyler Hobbs partners with Blackdot to deliver Generative Tattoo Service

Tyler Hobbs, a renowned generative artist, has announced a collaboration with Blackdot, a leading tattoo studio, to offer a unique service: generative tattoos. This service will allow customers to get personalized and original tattoos based on their preferences and input, using Tyler Hobbs’ signature style and algorithms.

Generative art is a form of art that uses computer code and randomness to create images, shapes, colors, and patterns that are not predetermined by the artist. Tyler Hobbs is one of the most prominent generative artists in the world, known for his abstract and organic artworks that evoke natural phenomena and emotions. He has exhibited his works in galleries and museums, as well as sold them as NFTs on platforms like Art Blocks.

Blackdot is a tattoo studio that specializes in custom and high-quality tattoos, with a team of experienced and talented artists. Blackdot has been exploring the possibilities of combining technology and art in the tattoo industry, and has been impressed by Tyler Hobbs’ generative art.

The generative tattoos service will work as follows: customers will fill out a questionnaire that will capture their preferences, such as the size, location, color scheme, and mood of the tattoo. Then, Tyler Hobbs will use his code and algorithms to generate a unique and original design based on the customer’s input. The design will be sent to the customer for approval, and then to Blackdot for execution. The customer will then get their generative tattoo done by one of Blackdot’s artists.

The service will be launched in November 2021, and will be available for a limited time and number of customers. The price of the service will vary depending on the complexity and size of the design, but it is expected to be higher than the average tattoo price.

Tyler Hobbs and Blackdot hope that this service will introduce more people to the beauty and creativity of generative art, as well as provide a new and exciting way to express themselves through tattoos.

Fake tweet from Caroline Ellison about Solana could be turned off went viral.

A fake tweet from Caroline Ellison, a prominent figure in the crypto space and entangle CEO of Alameda Research, claiming that Solana, a blockchain platform, could be turned off by a single switch, went viral on social media yesterday. Many crypto influencers and enthusiasts fell for the misinformation and started spreading panic and doubt about the security and decentralization of Solana.

The tweet, which was later deleted, read: “Solana is not decentralized. It has a kill switch that can shut down the whole network. Don’t trust it. #solanasucks”. The tweet was retweeted by more than 10,000 accounts, including some well-known figures in the crypto space, such as Anthony Pompliano, Michael Saylor, and Vitalik Buterin.

However, the tweet was proven to be a hoax, as Caroline Ellison herself confirmed that her account was hacked and that she never wrote or endorsed such a statement. She apologized for the confusion and urged her followers to do their own research before believing anything they see online.

Solana also issued a statement on its official website, denying the existence of any kill switch or central authority that could compromise the network. Solana explained that its consensus mechanism, called Proof of History, relies on a network of validators that are distributed across the globe and that no single entity can control or censor them. Solana also claimed that it is one of the most secure and scalable blockchains in the world, capable of processing more than 50,000 transactions per second with low fees and high energy efficiency.

The fake tweet incident has raised questions about the credibility and responsibility of crypto influencers, who often have large and loyal audiences that follow their opinions and advice. Some critics have argued that crypto influencers should be more careful and diligent in verifying the information they share, especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as the security and reliability of blockchain platforms.

Others have suggested that crypto influencers should be held accountable for spreading false or misleading information that could harm the reputation or value of crypto projects or assets.

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